The Santa Tantrum Awards Are Back!


Nothing brings out the holiday spirit in me like seeing a child crying her little eyes out — preferably with a look of terror to go with the tears — on a strange man’s lap. It just fills my heart with joy. Warm fuzzies all over. Every Who down in Whoville joining in chorus.

Yeah, I love it.

No, seriously, I mean it. No joke. The Poop blog’s Santa Tantrum Awards are probably my favorite thing in the world. Sure, it may look cruel, but these kids will get over it, and these parents will have a memento to cherish forever: a complete and total breakdown on Santa’s lap.

My friend Peter over at the Poop is accepting nominees for the contest, so if you have a classic photo of a complete meltdown on the big guy’s lap, pass it along. Please. For all of us. It is truly the most magical time of year.

Unless you’re not into that kind of thing … which, drat, does raise a point: Do you think these Santa photos are harmful to the kids? Do you think they’ll even remember? Every time this contest runs, childless hipsters argue that it’s cruel and unusual Christmastime punishment for no other reason than the parent’s joy. But isn’t that why we have kids in the first place? What do you think?

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