The Tooth Fairy and the Night Shift


kids lose teethThe boys are getting ready for bed, washing faces, putting on pajamas, and brushing one less tooth than there was a night ago. I am waiting for it all to pass.

Zane, the youngest, has had a loose tooth for an incredibly long time, months in fact, and one would think that so much notice would have left me better prepared, financially speaking, for the things that I must do.

There is a plastic bottle in the corner of the closet filled with change, where filled means a few coins and change means the more it stays the same. It will be upside down soon, one more bottle I have emptied, and one more pound of plated copper to be buried in the small hours beneath the growing dreams of real big things. There will be a pillow involved and some clever footwork if I do say so myself.

The hours between now and then will be filled with the writing of the traditional note, perhaps tied with a bit of ribbon, and catching up on a neglected DVR. Each of us deals with anticipation in our own way.

I suppose that I could spend this time counting feathers and waxing wings, flossing incisors, and petting canines—the standard upkeep and tricks of the trade. Either way I’ll probably need a glass of bourbon and a cover story, one of which I have in the cupboard, the other I will spill as needed.

The boys are in bed now, a minute older and a story wiser. The tooth is waiting, and it is ready. It is time to tiptoe, twist, and put my money down. The morning promises a new spin on a favorite smile, and it will be worth every single cent.



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