The Vivster's Pet Sequin Meets An Untimely End

I’m not the photographer in our family. Sure, I’ve learned a few things here and there that have allowed me to take a few decent shots. But for the most part, the photos that I take get deleted from the digital world almost immediately.

My video recording skills aren’t a whole lot better. When I served my Mormon mission in Rochester, New York, I walked around during my free time with a video camera so I could share those memories with my wife someday. That day eventually came and I busted out the video tapes from my mission so I could show Casey some of my friends from New York. Within moments Casey was suffering from motion sickness. I guess you aren’t supposed to videotape while running alongside a train.

When occasions arise to grab some video of some of these special moments with the kids, I usually let those occasions pass by. I don’t need a motion sick wife that makes for a cranky wife. However, after an experience with Vivi the other day I really regret that stance.

I had been hanging out with Vivi upstairs while Casey took Addie to gymnastics. Vivi had found a pink sequin on the ground that had fallen off of one of Addie’s princess costumes. Vivi fell in love with the sequin and she kept it on her finger as she walked around. She would stop every few feet or so to make sure she hadn’t lost the sequin.

After watching Vivi care for her little sequin for about 15 minutes, I asked her if I could see it. Vivi immediately ran into a different room thinking I was trying to take the little sequin from her.

She eventually came out of the room and I asked Vivi if I could touch the sequin. Touch was Vivi’s first word. It became her first word because I used to carry her around when she was still only months old asking her if she wanted to touch different things. She picked up on the word pretty quickly and whenever she sees something interesting, which is almost everything, she points at the object and says, “Touch.”

Because that’s how we’ve always used the phrase, Vivi now understood that I wasn’t trying to take her sequin from her. So she brought it over to me. I named her sequin Sparkle and she remained fascinated.

Vivi would bring Sparkle over to me over and over again so I could touch it. This little game lasted for about 30 minutes and then Vivi wandered into her bedroom where I could no longer see her. About a minute later, she came out of her bedroom and started looking around for something else to do.

I asked Vivi if I could touch her sequin. She stopped and looked at me and then made two little cough noises. She then took both her hands and started scraping the inside of her mouth with her fingers. I started to laugh as I realized Vivi liked her sequin so much that she decided to eat it.

It was hilarious and it was a moment I wish I had caught on camera for Casey to see.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago
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