The Zombie Apocalypse: Not for the Fraidy Cats of the World

For months it seemed like Tweets and Facebook posts were consumed with AMC’s The Walking Dead.  People were fascinated and addicted to the show.  That was really the first time I began hearing about zombies and the zombie apocalypse.  Sure, I heard about zombies around Halloween time, but never in the middle of May

It seems like I have heard more and more about zombies each day.  I’ve almost got to the point where I expect to hear about real life zombies in the news.

One thing you need to know about me is that I am what the kids would call a “fraidy cat.”  I can’t handle scary movies.  If I watch a scary movie, I may not sleep for weeks and I’m not joking.

Several years ago I rented a little ditty titled, The Mothman Prophecies.  Never has a movie left such a strong imprint on my soul.  I don’t know if it was the fact that the movie was supposedly based on a true story, or that I just don’t like moths in real life, but the movie got to me and got to me bad.

For those of you who have never seen The Mothman Prophecies, you should know that the Mothman is usually nearby when there is a reddish tint glowing against the surroundings.  For the year after I watched that movie I worked a night job that required me to leave for work while it was dark outside.  The only way my truck would fit in our driveway was if I backed it into the driveway and parked the back end up against a fence.  This meant that when I got in my truck to go to work, my brake lights would light up the fence and cast a red tint over all my surroundings.

That was absolutely not acceptable in any way to me–and it still isn’t okay.  In order to get to work without shaking in fear, I would start the truck and, without ever touching the brake pedal, jam the automatic gear shift lever into drive while passing over reverse as quickly as possible.  Ultimately, I decided I would rather run the risk of backing over the fence behind my truck than risk a potential face-to-face meeting with the Mothman.

Needless to say, many of the stories about zombies have left me a bit uneasy.

The most recent zombie like story comes from Brazil.  As the Herald Sun reported, a boy in Brazil died in a northern Brazil hospital after suffering from pneumonia.  The body of the boy was given to the boy’s family and the family began to prepare for the boy’s funeral.  The next day while the boy was lying in his casket, the boy sat up and asked his father if he could have a glass of water.  The family reacted like I would react and began to scream.  The boy then lay back down and that was it.  The boy was dead.  He didn’t move or speak again.  The family ended up burying the boy a few hours later.

Throw in the recent news of the zombie like guy all hopped up on bath salts who tried to eat his victim, the psychopath in Canada who began mailing his victims’ body parts across Canada, and the Maryland man who ate pieces of his roommate, and I’m a bit on the skittish side when I head downstairs in the middle of the night to get food for Vivi.

The last thing I want to see standing in my kitchen when I’m getting ready to prepare Vivi’s milk is a zombie.  Nope, I take that back–I’ll take the zombie over the Mothman.

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