Tips for Valentine's Day (Video)


We originally titled this video “Foreplay for Moms” but then hastily realized we get might get a very different crowd to our site. HA! Who are we kidding?! We’re not above that. Bring ’em on. Valentine’s Day can be tough to pull off for any couple. But when you have kids? Yikesberries.

So, let us help you put the spice back in your romance with 3 easy tips. We call it SPICEMANCE…

There are always a ton of videos for men on ‘treating your women right’ and all that jazz. But we think we might be on to something here. What if women set the stage for romance themselves? On their terms? What if, as the guardians of nookie, you took these magical steps and brought back that lovin’ feeling? We can help you with that.

Ladies, this one’s for you, because frankly, you are in the driver’s seat. Guys, share with it your gals or just laugh until you hurt something.

Behold: Spicemance: Valentine’s Day Tips for Moms.

[youtube width=”519″ height=”294″][/youtube]

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