Toddler Rampage: I Lost Control of My Toddler While Shopping

Toddler Rampage: The Time I Lost Control of My ToddlerI got the look today the look from other grownups wondering if I was going to control my child. The look didn’t just come from a few people either, it came from many people as Vivi lost control of her stuff at the end of our late evening shopping trip.

Vivi and I decided to tag along with Casey to a local Kohl’s store. She was in the process of picking out some new pillows for our couch, which means she was going to think long and hard bout her decision. After all, couch pillows aren’t things that get stuffed away when company comes over and they don’t get replaced on a weekly basis. Our old couch pillows were the ones that came with the couches when we bought the couches four years ago.

As Casey went through her shopping process, I played different games with Vivi. We sniffed all of the candles at Kohl’s. Vivi’s favorite scent? Chocolate brownie batter. We took a look at the Christmas decorations and Vivi got a lesson on Santa Clause. She was also taught that you don’t say happy birthday for Christmas. We also played a mean game of hide and go seek. In fact, we played hide and go seek for about an hour and Vivi loved every second of the action. We also took some time to take a look at my dream waffle maker can’t beat a sturdy, heavy waffle iron with a cooking gauge that can be set on the user’s desired crispness of the waffle.

As the evening wore on Vivi’s energy began to wane. She got tired of running around the store and she wanted to sit in the shopping cart/stroller, but Casey’s pillows had taken up the stroller section of the shopping cart and so Vivi demanded a new stroller. Together we walked to the front of the store where we could get a new stroller, but instead of stopping at the strollers Vivi decided to dart out the front doors and into the parking lot. I caught her before she got to the parking lot and I packed her back into the store kicking and screaming.

As Vivi screamed people began to look at us wondering if I had control of the situation, and at that moment Vivi stopped her screaming and looked around. She saw everyone looking at her and she screamed as loud as she could. She screamed so loud I had to cover her mouth just to protect my own ears, and then she went into full on fit mode — she went into a toddler rampage. She screamed and kicked in unison and people continued their staring as I carried Vivi towards the back of the store. Those looks weren’t just stares, they were looks of really, you’re going to let your kid get away with that, or look out, there’s a dad with a kid who doesn’t know what he’s doing coming through. Even Casey had a look of shock when she found me carrying a kicking and screaming Vivi.

Ultimately I don’t care what anyone thinks of my parenting, but it was a nice reminder that Vivi’s toddler days aren’t quite over yet.

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