Toddlers Are Crazy


My son is obsessed with activities. The guy can’t stay still for long and we go through this age-old battle (or at least that’s the way that it seems) to keep him engaged and focused. Andy also has a toddler son, along with his two older kids (11 and 13 years old). We lament about our troubles with keeping our respective kids safe, educated and happy.

So we decided to come up with crazy activities for our kids…

In a risk-averse world, that can sometimes be tough. Toddlers, at least our boys, can be total maniac, daredevils. They have an obsessive need to push the envelope until that envelope is filled with stuff or pushed off of whatever ledge it happens to be sitting on. Can you tell I don’t know where that metaphor comes from? Good.

Anyway, we decided to come up with a series of ideas to keep toddler occupied without spending a bazillion gazillion dollars doing it. Here’s one we came up with…

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