Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things People Still Think Dads Can't Do

Cell phones and GPS devices may have saved dads from having to stop to ask for directions and saved them from the age-old notion that they don’t know where the heck they’re going. But there’s still plenty of griping out there that dads don’t know what they’re doing.

I remember when I was at a playground with my infant daughter a few years ago, and while I was offering a bottle, a woman came over and wanted to take the child from my arms and give me some “tips.”

Ummmm … no thanks. I got this. As, I would wager, do most dads.

In the Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things People Assume Dads Can’t Do, I take a journey down memory lane of all the little slights dads have encountered over the years. Seriously, what kind of dad can’t do playtime?

  • Holding the baby 1 of 10
    Holding the baby
    Let's get this out of the way: I'm going to include feeding the baby, putting the baby down for a nap, getting up with the baby in the middle of the night, rocking the baby, tossing the baby (for fun), and making the baby laugh or stop crying. These are all things I've heard over the years that dads can't do, and every time I hear this from a mom friend, I can't help but think: You need a new dad in your life. Because most of the dads I know? It's second nature.
  • Change the baby 2 of 10
    Change the baby
    After telling an older waitress that I needed a bathroom to go change my daughter's diaper, the woman actually looked around, over my shoulder, and across the restaurant before replying, "Where's your wife?" I almost went back to the table to get her just for the hell of it. Hey, one less horrible diaper to change is one less diaper to change.
  • Handling the weekend 3 of 10
    Handling the weekend
    Is this still a thing? I hate when I hear moms at the park say they're scared to go away because that means the kids will be at home with Dad all weekend. Dads figure it out pretty quickly. I always say, if this is a problem, the moms need to go away more, not less.
  • Hair styling 4 of 10
    Hair styling
    Pig tails. Pony tails. French braids. Twists. Buns. You name it, we can figure it out. We know how to make the kids happy. And good lord, will this skill ever put a smile on a girl's face. It's awesome.
  • Playtime 5 of 10
    Crafts, Legos, blocks, cars, horses, fairy tea parties — dads are freaking spectacular at playtime.
  • The morning rush 6 of 10
    The morning rush
    Yes, dads can do it — that early morning, frantic rush to get dressed, get fed, get out! Hurry! Now! We got this — it ain't rocket science.
  • Cooking 7 of 10
    Seriously? I may not be the best chef in the world, but I know my way around a couple week's worth of classics and can McGyver up empty fridge pickings into a dinner. Mad skilz, yo. Dads have mad kitchen skilz.
  • The dishes 8 of 10
    The dishes
    If you're going to assume we can't, fine. We'll gladly let you take over. But pretty much all the dads I know rock a gleaming counter like nobody's business.
  • Breastfeeding 9 of 10
  • Babysitting 10 of 10
    OK, I'll give you this one. Dads sometimes suck at babysitting. Then again, when it's their OWN children, they call it parenting. And they rock at that.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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