Top 25 Funniest Photos From Vivi's First Year

What do you get when you marry a photographer and have two daughters? Lots and lots of pictures.  I’m talking about thousands of pictures of Vivi and Addie just waiting to be viewed.

Casey and I have a kind of understanding that there are certain times of the day when I’m home where she has to bury herself in her computer, so she can finish whatever work she has going on at that time. We’ve gotten pretty used to the schedule and I can usually tell when she is working on a more time consuming project.

A few months ago, Casey buried her head into her laptop and she didn’t really come up for air for about a week.  Then one day, I had had enough. I told her she needed to close the laptop and start focusing on the family. She said, “I’m almost done with this photo book I’m putting together about Vivi’s first year.” Well, that explains it, I thought.  I’m actually surprised it only took her a week to sort through all of those pictures while putting a nearly 200 page photo book together.

Looking through Casey’s self-made book reminded me of all the photos that have been taken of Vivi and Addie.  There are so many pictures of them together that I would consider it impossible to choose an overall top 25.  So I narrowed it down to the top 25 funniest photos from Vivi’s first year:

  • Static Vivi 1 of 25
    Static Vivi
    Doesn't everybody do this with their baby?
  • Tiny Vivi 2 of 25
    Tiny Vivi
    "Uh, I just want some food."
  • Wearing the Baby 3 of 25
    Wearing the Baby
    "Yeah, these do feel like pillows."
  • Tiny Vivi 4 of 25
    Tiny Vivi
    "My best impression of Sloth from The Goonies."
  • Vivi at the Park 5 of 25
    Vivi at the Park
    Imagine the Vivster with some facial hair and you'll get it.
  • Astonished Vivi 6 of 25
    Astonished Vivi
    "Unhand me, sir."
  • Stubborn Vivi 7 of 25
    Stubborn Vivi
    "I will not take a nap."
  • Salesman Vivi 8 of 25
    Salesman Vivi
    "Are you looking for car insurance?"
  • Salesman Vivi 9 of 25
    Salesman Vivi
    "Seriously, car insurance?"
  • Vivi and Addie 10 of 25
    Vivi and Addie
    "Mom, can I be done playing with Addie?"
  • Vivi and Addie 11 of 25
    Vivi and Addie
    "Seriously, enough is enough."
  • Picky Vivi 12 of 25
    Picky Vivi
    "I will not let my feet touch the water or the sand."
  • Picky Vivi 13 of 25
    Picky Vivi
    "Or the grass."
  • Munching on some Piggies 14 of 25
    Munching on some Piggies
    "I don't know whose foot this is, but I think I'll eat it."
  • Superhero Vivi 15 of 25
    Superhero Vivi
    "Seriously, mom? It's not even Halloween."
  • Smash-face Vivi 16 of 25
    Smash-face Vivi
    "What is this invisible force-field?"
  • Vivi and Glasses 17 of 25
    Vivi and Glasses
    "I swear this is how they put these things on their faces."
  • Sad Vivi 18 of 25
    Sad Vivi
    "I just want some food. Why are you taking a picture of me when I look this sad?"
  • Angry Vivi 19 of 25
    Angry Vivi
    "This cat gets to sleep all day."
  • Birthday Vivi 20 of 25
    Birthday Vivi
    "I've never done this birthday song thing, but I'm pretty sure I LOVE it."
  • Refined Vivi 21 of 25
    Refined Vivi
    "I eat my Snickers with a fork and a knife, thank you very much."
  • Happy Tiny Vivi 22 of 25
    Happy Tiny Vivi
    "Being this bendable is pretty comfortable."
  • Bumbo Vivi 23 of 25
    Bumbo Vivi
    "Who are you calling a Bumbo?"
  • Static Vivi 24 of 25
    Static Vivi
    Static, it's funny.
  • Addie and Vivi 25 of 25
    Addie and Vivi
    Vivi minding her own business while Addie secretly lobs a beach ball off Vivi's noggin.

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