Top 7 Father's Day Gifts NOT to Buy ... Unless ...

Recipe for the perfect Father's Day ...

Don’t buy anything.

That’s rule No. 1 for finding the perfect Father’s Day gift.

As much as might like and enjoy a few new somethings, I don’t really need them, and I hate to teach a lesson that basically says in order to show appreciation for someone you’ve got to find it at the store. Didn’t Dr. Seuss handle this for Christmas? Something, something, a little bit more?

Well, the same applies for Father’s Day.

Don’t. Buy. Anything.

Howeverrrrrr … that’s not to say I don’t want anything.

Far from it.

It’s Father’s Day, yo, and after a year of schlepping to school, arranging playdates, coaching teams, wiping butts and calming tantrums, it’s this dad’s turn to feel a little love come Sunday. I want breakfast in bed. I want a steaming cup of coffee, the morning paper and an hour to myself. I want that surrealist 6-year-old’s portrait to hang above my bed, that home made picture, that certificate for a “free hug.” I’m a ridiculous sap for any type of craft. Throw in a freshly baked cupcake and I’m yours. For the whole year.

As a stay-at-home dad, my take on Father’s Day might be a little different than most dads. My friends look forward to getting the chance to spend a whole, uninterrupted day with the kids. I look forward to a nice breakfast and then some free time for myself for a few hours before a nice family dinner. I get a lot of time with the kid every other day. This one is mine. All mine.

But where was I? Oh yeah, stuff. Things. Let’s be honest, crap.

I don’t know about you, but I get sick of all the dads-n-grads ads I see this time of year. And don’t even get me started on the emails from companies that suddenly remember dads exist … for the week. I ain’t having it.

So if you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift, here’s a list of the top things most dads don’t want … unless you put a special, personalized twist on them.

  • A tie 1 of 7
    A tie
    Unless you weave that thing yourself or hand-paint it, I don't want it. Seriously, you can find a plain white one at the store and paint it up. Now there's a tie I can get behind.
  • A mug 2 of 7
    A mug
    Yes, I'm a coffee-holic, so I understand the inclination to pick this one up. But you know what's a much better alternative? Go to one of those paint your own pottery places and personalize it. My daughter made these for me two years in a row and I cherish them so much I don't let anyone else use them.
  • Sports gear 3 of 7
    Sports gear
    OK, this is cool. I have to admit it. I have had my eye on a funky GPS running watch for a long time now. But you know what would be even cooler? A pick up game of family baseball or a solid jog around the neighborhood. Fun. Times.
  • Cards 4 of 7
    Yeah, they're cute and funny. But I love to see the construction paper masterpieces my daughter puts together for special occasions. Imagine what's cooler in 50 years: Opening up a box filled with these or a few Hallmark specials.
  • Lawn gear 5 of 7
    Lawn gear
    Instead of shelling out for a new weed whacker or fertilizer, why not go mow the grass yourself and give him a break that week?
  • Sports equipment 6 of 7
    Sports equipment
    A mitt or a hockey mask would be cool, but here's something you can do as a family and doesn't require storage space: Go to a game and enjoy his favorite sport as a family. My wife did this one year and we had a blast at the baseball field.
  • Fancy grill stuff 7 of 7
    Fancy grill stuff
    Why not skip the fancy tongs and just cook a home-made dinner instead? I appreciate the meat-a-palooza my wife and daughter put together for dinner time and enjoy getting the chance to hang out with them on a special day.

Mike Adamick writes at Cry It Out!

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