Uh Oh: My Child Might Have An Eating Disorder

Uh Oh: My Child Has an Eating DisorderAddie loves sugar. She doesn’t love all sugar; in fact, she really only likes things like chocolate and ice cream, but when she gets the opportunity to have ice cream or chocolate she gets really, really excited. She gets so excited I expect her to occasionally ask for ice cream and chocolate at odd times during the day or maybe a few nights a week, but anything more than that and I start to wonder if there’s a problem.

I’ve noticed over Casey’s last few trips away that Addie’s appetite for sugar increases. Last time Casey was gone, Addie woke up and helped herself to a few Toaster Strudels. She sneaked all kinds of candy and treats throughout the day and she hounded me for ice cream and chocolate. The last straw was when she sneaked a fruit rollup after begging for ice cream and then threw the fruit rollup in the garbage when I told her she couldn’t have ice cream.

When Casey learned about what Addie had done, she started researching eating disorders. Why? Well, I wasn’t sure, but I’m starting to think there is some credence to her theory that my child has an eating disorder.

Addie is a really sensitive girl. She feels her emotions stronger than I feel my emotions and they affect her more than I understand. For instance, while she was waiting for me to finish running my marathon, she was taken into the first aid tent to get some treatment on her first bee sting. Addie saw a woman who was in shock in the tent and apparently seeing someone in that state didn’t go over well with Addie. It made her scared and sad.

Addie especially gets sad when Casey leaves for work. It’s not unusual for Addie to break down crying days before Casey has to go just at the thought of her mom being gone for more than a day or two. And when Casey takes Addie on her trips with her, Addie will have the same feelings about leaving Vivi and me back in Indiana.

Since Casey’s last trip, I’ve paid attention to how often Addie asks for sugary foods, and now that Casey is gone again, I’ve noticed a big difference.

On Saturday, Addie woke up well before anyone else and she sneaked about a half a cup of caramel. Once the caramel was gone, she moved on to Halloween candy. She also poured syrup on something, though I don’t know what that something could have been there wasn’t anything breakfasty that she could have made that she would have used with syrup.

After Addie got into all of those sugary foods, I awoke and got Vivi out of her crib. After giving Vivi some eggs and toast, Addie asked me if she could have some ice cream. I checked the clock just to make sure that it really was 8:30 a.m. before I gave Addie a flabbergasted look. Twenty minutes later Addie asked for ice cream again. Then she asked for Halloween candy, followed by a request for a Rice Krispy Treat. When all of those efforts failed, she sent Vivi to me with a note requesting ice cream.

That was my day. I think Addie requested ice cream about 60 times throughout the day, which was way, way over the number times she asks for ice cream on normal days.

Addie’s behavior has started to concern me that she’s experiencing some kind of eating disorder — she’s trying to eat her emotions away and that’s a bad, bad habit to form.

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