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Was I Wrong to Post This Picture of My Daughter and Myself on the Internet?

By Serge Bielanko |

How can something that feels so right be so wrong?

Not long ago, I wrote a piece for Babble Voices called Old Work Boots & Camouflage Cargos: How NOT To Let Your Man Fall Out Of Fashion.

Yeah, I know I know, that’s a mouthful of a title, but I wanted to get my point across and, well, that was what I came up with. It was a funny piece, or at least that’s what I was aiming for; I wanted to convey that sometimes being a parent sees us giving up a little ground on the fashion/physical shape front.

I had gained a few pounds since my daughter was born three years ago and my dress code had taken a pretty hard hit, too. Plus, I like to laugh a little at myself here and there, it helps keep things in perspective, I think.

Not long after my article was published on the internet for anyone to read, it also was featured on the Babble Facebook page. Now, this is always a good thing because it almost always means that more people are going to find your work and read it. So, naturally, I was excited about that.

But then a funny thing happened. Or, maybe ‘funny’ isn’t the right word. Let’s say a strange thing happened instead.

People began to leave comments beneath the Facebook posting calling in to question the photo that went along with the article, a photo that I had picked myself, of my daughter and I sitting in our porch swing one evening, watching the sun go down. In the picture I am holding a can of beer. And my daughter is wearing just her diaper.

Here is a sampling of what folks began to write:

Stacey commented: you got a man with a beer in his hand with his arm around a naked little girl. wtf?

Gini said: Bad picture!

Diane offered: This is wrong!!!



What the heck were these people so upset about? Did they not read my article? I wondered aloud, shouting at my computer screen. I’m HER DAD! We were on the porch right before her bed time!

But there was more.

Brenda jumped in with: “Yuck. Civilized people wear clothes when in the company of others, and children ESPECIALLY should be MADE to wear clothes!!
I hope no pedophile is on this page, getting his thrills!! Disgusting!”

Okay. Now, I was a little pissed. But I know enough not to join in certain cyber-conversations. These ladies had latched onto one another. Mob mentality had taken hold. And in the middle of it all was this simple pic of me and my little girl.

Then Gail added: ” a whole lot more to worry about then fashion!

Whatever that meant.

Still, it went on and on. Now, not every comment was negative, don’t get me wrong. But there were enough that were being so judgmental that I was feeling kind of self-conscious and I couldn’t even figure out why!

The comments then turned toward pointing out the fact that my daughter was only wearing a diaper (which is admittedly hard to see in the shot). People began to say that it was pedophile bait and that I was irresponsible for posting it on the internet and blah blah blah.

By the time I was to the bottom of the column of the 30 or so comments, I was dazed. I felt pepper-sprayed by the random opinions of complete strangers. I felt violated, not by some freak with a penchant for pictures of summertime kids in their diapers, but rather, by people who had made it their business to completely ignore my actual article in favor of slamming a photo of me and my kid. I know it’s their right to say whatever they want, and that’s fine. But, as a dad who loves his kids more than anything in the universe, I was spinning.

And I’m still spinning, actually.

I mean, who are we now, collectively? Who are we, we parents on the internet, and what are our goals?

What are we aiming to do when we sign on and sign in? And what should we be aiming to do?

Every day, anywhere you go in the vast wilds of cyberspace, you can find people who get their kicks out of knocking other people down. I know that and you know that, but that isn’t what I’m getting at here. My question is more streamlined. Because, what I’m wondering is, is it helpful to point out everything?

As parents, are we helping each other when we say to our fellow parents,”You are doing it wrong!”…”You should know better!”…”There is danger in everything!”

Or, is it simply a way to make ourselves feel better about ourselves, to allow our voices to reign supreme, if only for a second or so, if only until the next comment appears?

I’m still trying to figure out whether the women (there weren’t any men in this conversation) who commented that day were trying to help me somehow or not.

Judging from the tone of many of the comments, I’m kind of doubting it.

But, maybe I’m wrong.

What do you think?

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156 thoughts on “Was I Wrong to Post This Picture of My Daughter and Myself on the Internet?

  1. hilary says:

    I never thought anything about it and still don’t. People are crazy and scared of everything. You are both smiling and look relaxed and there is no where safer in the world than sitting on your porch swing beside your dad!

  2. DeathMetalMommy says:

    Dude, that picture is adorable. People take the wrong things too seriously these days. I’m sure when Violet grows up that she will like this picture and won’t give a damn that a few stuffy anonymous people disapproved of it once upon a time. There is a picture of me sitting with my dad when I was about a year old. We were sitting in the floor against a wall, I was drinking a bottle with my hand in the crook of his arm and he was reading…well, Penthouse. Sounds a little skeevy now that I’ve said it, but I like that picture. It makes me laugh. Though, granted, we were both wearing clothes. Maybe that’s the difference. There’s no accounting for what people are going to get all up in arms about.

  3. Kate says:

    I think it’s cute. People are so quick to jump on and judge others nowadays. I don’t think there is anything wrong. I often drink beer while my little one runs around in diapers. They’re just jealous because you’re more awesome than they are

  4. Kristin says:

    Wow. Internet comments can be so nasty, and we all know that. But I read your original post, saw the photo and thought nothing of it, so this follow-up really surprised me.

    I think it’s pretty clear the women who commented were not trying to be helpful. They have their own ideas about a whole range of things, I’m sure, and probably do not hesitate to impose them on the rest of the world.

    Ignore it, I say. Okay…that’s incredibly hard. Dismiss it…or at least try really hard to do so!

  5. laurie mcelroy says:

    i consider myself a fairly conservative and ‘cautious’ mother of 5… but holy mouth hangs open at some of the comments that were posted..”disgusting!”?? whaaa??

    i think our world has been tainted (to say the least) so that people are hypersensitive to anything skin. i have pictures of myself when i was very young with my dad- BOTH of us in our giggling in the picture.. obviously such an innocent, precious moment. much like the picture above with your daughter..

    thankfully, we dont have to alter our lives just because a ‘few good mothers’ made a comment on a picture.
    keep your mind (and your child’s) as pure as it was the moment you posted the picture. but, um…lose those shoes or she’ll not stand near you in a few years ;)

  6. DeathMetalMommy says:

    This picture is adorable. People these days take the wrong things too seriously. Some days when Violet grows up she will love this picture of her with her daddy and won’t give a damn that some snotty anonymous people once disapproved of it. I didn’t even notice you had a beer. Guess some people really want to look for something to dislike.

  7. Jessie says:

    Seriously, the things that people latch onto and feed off of. One person said something and it was open season. You were right, it was to make them feel better because they “KNOW” that you were wrong….you weren’t. From everything you put out there you and Monica show how much you love your kids. They clearly didn’t read that article or any of your others. It’s a cute picture, and that is all.

  8. lydia k. says:

    I’m going to say something helpful: Those people are jackholes, ignore them.

    I think that is the kind of picture that you and Violet will cherish for a lifetime. It’s REAL. People sit out on porch swings on summer evenings with their kids in diapers while they drink a beer and take in the beauty of our world. And if they don’t, they should. It’s a much better use of time than criticizing someone who is actually enjoying his life and his family. I hate that people have gotten so uptight about what COULD go wrong that they’ve forgotten how to have a good time. And by “have a good time,” I don’t mean doing anything crazy, I mean, like, have a casual moment with your kid where it doesn’t freaking matter what anybody is wearing or not wearing, it just matters that you are together and smiling. You know?

    And to your kind effort to not make your article just about calling out people for being jackholes (which would have been fine with me, you are entitled to that), you’re right–why can’t we actually boost each other up instead of constantly tearing each other down?

  9. kate says:

    Actually, Brenda (quoted in the article), children are MADE to be naked. It’s your own irrational fears and prejudices that thinks a child needs to cover up. Yes, there are sickos in the world, but they’re going to be twisted whether your child has clothes on or not. I’m firmly on the side of “let ‘em run around naked until they have to go to school”. It’s called “being a kid.” Relax, or go worry about something that really matters.

  10. Ingrid says:

    People should rather read your T-shirt print, your story and look at the joy you both express in this picture. And I like your picture very much!
    A Mom from The Netherlands

  11. Ashley says:

    Dont listen to the haters. You’re a stud & Violet is gorgeous.

  12. dee brun says:

    What people CHOOSE to see…wrecks this beautiful pic…It is an amazing shot, a gift in time..You both look so happy…

    It is unfortunate that some people have nothing better to do than to find some sort of injustice in EVERYTHING….they need a hobby…

    Great shot, great article..and yes, you need a Mad Makeover…;)


  13. rita hornby says:

    It’s kind of scary to know people have that mob mentality. One thinks that went out with the dark ages,or hopes it did. Take fire and ask questions later. Don’t feel bad. I know it’s hard to ignore, but it’s just sad ignorance. I’m not sure if they think they are being protective, but people need to think first. It is sad when people jump to judge as if they are all perfect. Try to ignore if you can.

  14. Kim Long says:

    You’re doing it right! Ignore those people, your daughter will remember what a great dad you were and how you sat on the swing together. Our society often forgets the simple things like sitting together on the porch. One of my families favorite times is when the fireflies come out, we just sit and watch them, when my kids were little they were usually fresh from the bath in a diaper (little), no diaper (potty training), or their pajamas. Enjoy this time of life!

  15. Townes The Townie says:

    “You’re doing it wrong” is never constructive criticism. Sometimes people forget that opinions are not facts. For some people a picture of a dad and his little girl are pedophilia bait. For others it is an an encapsulation of summertime. Reading the comments below internet posted articles is usually as much fun as reading the article. I realize the irony when I say this, but internet commenters are usually bats–t. Two words for you: silent majority. Three more words and an emoticon: Kepp on truckin >8o

  16. Val K says:

    Good Lord! What is wrong with people these days?? It is an adorable, innocent picture that perfectly captures a moment of pure contentment on Serge’s face while he enjoys a few of his favorite things – a cold beer, a warm night and his arm around his baby girl. I especially love how Violet is looking up at you…both literally and, judging by the expression on her face, figuratively too!

    But the photo aside, what happened to having a little tolerance?? I am so tired of people being so critical and judgmental and downright mean just because someone does things differently than they do it. You don’t let your kid run around in diapers? That’s cool. You don’t drink a beer around your kids? Good for you! But why make it your mission to ridicule those who might walk to a different beat? I’ll never understand why people can’t just shrug their shoulders and say “well, that’s not how WE might do things but hey, who am I to judge another man’s happiness?”

  17. Alexandra says:

    I see a beautiful pic of a dad and his little girl. That’s all.

  18. Jon says:

    I’m a rando that found this on the internet, so completely unbiased to your situation. It’s downright insane that people would equate this to child porn, and it makes me sad that a picture like this could evoke such feelings in someone. I think they should check themselves a lot harder than you should. Cheers.

  19. whithonea says:

    You’re doing it right, man.

  20. Val K says:

    One more thing….did any of those women (especially the “we need to force our babies to cover up!” broad) stop for a second and think that by making their innocent 3 year old feel self conscious in her own naked skin, they are only increasing the odds of that child growing up and becoming a teenager/young adult with terrible body image issues???

  21. Matt messenger says:

    don’t sweat it. When you choose to share stories(& pics) with so many people your bound to get some haters. People see things differently. When I saw the pic I thought of quality family time. You could post a pic of a flower, some people will see beauty where others will see allergies. F’em (get some good beer)

  22. Mary says:

    Wow, I read that article. I guess I must have read it early in the commenting because I never read any of those clearly retarded comments. I’m a mother of 4 and step-mom to two more. That’s 3 girls and 3 boys. I have pictures of all mine naked, never mind in a diaper. My son used to walk around outside my house naked all the time. Pretty sure the neighbours though he didn’t wear clothes! He just preferred to be unfettered. My 3 year old daughter will play outside in her underwear also. I think that these insane comments that you received say more about the commenters themselves than it will ever say about the photo. I mean, who the hell sees a father and daughter chilling on the porch and immediately thinks paedophile bait, child porn, or anything sexual at all??? It’s people like those that you want to stay very far away from in life. Consider yourself lucky that they made themselves known to you so you can steer a wide berth around them! That kind of attitude and outlook on life is poison and best avoided!

  23. Danielle says:

    Lordy, do some people take themselves way to serious.

    The irony of your t-shirt is not lost on me.

  24. kate says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sake! The picture is purely beautiful. I realize that many people live fearfully, and maybe overly-cautious, but you don’t have to find evil everywhere you look! She is a beautiful child.and you are a protective parent who has not one wish to put her at risk in any way.Our world needs more peace and contentment, as shown on your picture, not more tearing-down each other. Don’t change! And continue to follow your heart when it comes to your babies. You won’t be wrong.

  25. Russ says:

    For every person who posted some comment about how disgusted or offended they were, there was probably ten or more who thought it was cool, but just decided not to share their comment because it was not a big deal. I remember about 18 years agao my little girl who was two getting out of the tub and with nothing but a towel on her head ran into the living room and jumped on my back as I lay on the floor. My wife snapped a picture and it’s still one of my favorites. I never considered it vile or obscene, just a great memory of a moment in time that I sometimes wish I had back.

  26. Mim says:

    I love that picture. I was just helping my 63 yo mom hook up her new computer. Next to the computer she had a stack of pictures to be scanned and added to her cherished online photo gallery. At the top of that stack? A photo of my mom in a lovely long black halter dress with my sister and me standing beside her in our underpants! It was dated 1974 which made me 6 and my sister 3. We must have been swimming in the plastic pool in the backyard when she and my father were leaving for a wedding. I LOVE that picture. I can’t wait until she scans it and shares it on FB.

    Don’t sweat small-minded comments. Natural kid pictures are a long tradition!

  27. Jen says:

    I read this post the first go round the photo never entered my mind as inappropriate. These people are insane to equate this with anything beyond a wonderful photo of you two.

  28. Meg W. says:

    Warning, I’m about to get a little dark here… I was thrown into parenthood in a really crappy way when my son was born with a heart defect last year. Within 24 hours of having him, I gave him away to doctors and didn’t get him back for 4 months. My first experiences of parenthood involved life and death decisions and my first interactions with other parents involved “what should I do, they are telling us to pull the plug” conversations. This was the level of “advice” I was attempting to give to other parents and it put things into perspective for me to a whole different level I guess. When shit is hitting the fan, most parents are just doing the best we can, and I think its the same with normal everyday stuff as well. There is no room for judgement really EVER in my book, unless you are putting your kid’s health at risk (you should see the stank faces I give to parents smoking in front of children). I don’t judge if you decide to take your baby off life support, so I sure as hell am not going to judge a fucking beer in your hand. It is ridiculous that people feel they have a right to comment on your parenting, especially when it is obvious those babies of yours are loved more than anything. I know you want to be angry, but that shit is not even worth another second of your time. Just get back to loving that beautiful, healthy naked baby and drink a whole six pack while you’re at it.

  29. Rachel says:

    I say people are fucking crazy! Don’t sweat the small stuff. You did nothing wrong.

  30. troi says:

    Thanks for sharing this pic , a father and daughter bonding
    sa Hell kung ano ang iba pang mga tao sa tingin ito ay isang kahanga-hangang larawan ng isang ama at anak na babae paggastos kalidad ng oras na magkasama…

  31. Cassie says:

    Ha. I love it. This will probably be one of Violet’s favorite photo’s one day.

    Side note, similar thing: Way back when my son was a toddler I had a neighbor come up the driveway and say to my son “hey buddy, I almost didn’t recognize you with clothes on!” (it was a rare occasion he was dressed)

    He’s a high schooler now, and a straight A student. He turned out fine.

  32. Melissa Scoffield says:

    All I can say is people are very strange. You are a great, Dad and forget the rest!!!

  33. Monica says:

    I think this is a great photo, and thought so the first time I saw it. Never once did it strike me as inappropriate. It’s a wonderful moment in time of a father and his daughter.

  34. sophie says:

    Hi Serge,
    I am pretty shocked by those comments. I would and do post photos like that to my Facebook all the time. I guess you have to think of it as their problem. They are reading some strange things into a perfectly lovely, ordinary photo.

  35. jros mom says:

    I feel for the people freaked out by this photo. The world must be a very scary place for them.

  36. Lola b says:

    Cute pic! People are crazy!!!! It’s summer. I have the hardest time keeping clothes on my 2 yr old son. He rips them off. I’m happy if he’s in a diaper. Heck, in my house he runs around naked half the time which works out well with potty training.
    Ignore those nasty women.

  37. Elizabeth B says:

    Ignore the idiots; it’s a beautiful photo!

  38. Amanda says:

    All I see in this photo is a love between a daddy and his daughter. It’s beautiful.

  39. Julia says:

    If it’s wrong to have babies running around in only diapers, I’m pretty sure that the majority of parents in the heat-stricken US this summer can be accused of being negligent pervs. Hello! It’s freaking hot out, and it’s summer! Where I come from, relaxing and chilling out together with your kids on a warm summer night is the BEST way to parent. (Also, let’s take a cue from your tshirt: Don’t Hate). Great pic!

  40. mary says:

    I see a picture of one very lucky girl- and a pretty awesome Dad. I wish my Dad could have taken the time to sit on porch swing with me. Please ignore those jerks- you and Monica are doing it all with such grace.

    mary e

  41. Brittany says:

    I saw the picture that went out on Babble’s Facebook page– never noticed that your daughter was not fully dressed. Funny, when you are not looking for things to criticize about others you don’t find them. I loved the picture and told my husband about the article at dinner. We had a good laugh about how our fashion has changed with having our son. Our fashion and our waistlines.

  42. Bec says:

    I think it is a beautiful photo and if someone sees something other than a pure, joyful moment in it, there is something wrong with THEM.

  43. Janet says:

    I have to agree – that picture is terrible! The entire thing says “IDYLLIC SUMMER” except that guy in the camo cargo shorts and the messy hair. What were you thinking? Seriously though, I went to read the original article you linked and at least you aren’t in a white V-neck t-shirt and steel toed work boots. Also, I think the Clooney cut works for you. And to answer your question, no, the women who commented were more than likely just being opinionated and catty.

  44. anon says:

    I don’t believe there’s anything wrong or improper about the photo itself, but I feel putting it up for mass consumption on the internet is inadvisable. There are, of course, child predators who collect images like these, and that alone would completely discourage me from posting pictures of this nature, but there’s also the fact that the subject of the photo, the toddler, does not yet have the ability to decide whether she’s comfortable with having such images placed on the net for middle school friends, high school friends and potential employers, etc. to one day find.

  45. jim says:

    First, let me commend you for having the ability to write so well and you have a firm grasp of spelling and punctuation, which is more than some of your critics. Your picture is fine, you know who you are so don’t let anyone poison that. When it comes to issues that matter, a lot of people think ‘somebody ought to do something about that’….somebody being anyone other than THEM of course. But when it comes to something as innocent as your picture, keyboards from coast to coast are melting under the furious typing of the outraged. We can have 9% unemployment and a wrecked economy, but there are so many who feel obligated to add more negativity to the mix. Excuse me for going on and on, but I am sooo done with replying to negative comments. Let them self-destruct on their own!

  46. Carole Thorpe says:

    Ironic that the Dad is wearing a “Don’t HATE” tee shirt!

  47. Susan says:

    I think that photo is lovely. I wouldn’t necessarily post it on the lnternet but that’s your call. My only issue would be, will she be mad at me that l posted naked pics of her when she grows up.

  48. kris (lower case) says:

    i had to look at the photo for awhile to see what people were pissing about. there is nothing wrong with that photo but there is a lot wrong with the people who ‘see’ something wrong with it. i am almost 57 now and i can remember being little and not having to wear a shirt.. oh, the freedom on a hot summer night. i remember when i was told that was not allowed anymore. i could not figure out why.. let your daughter enjoy these moments now. they are short lived for girls.

  49. Zoe Right says:

    Some people seriously have too much time on their hands. I didn’t notice she was wearing only a diaper until you pointed it out.

    There is nothing wrong with children dressing cooler in the summer. I don’t think my kid wore anything but a diaper and a pair of shorts all summer when he was that age.

  50. sasha says:

    your shirt says what needs to be said “Don’t Hate”

  51. MC says:

    The main thing that I notice is the happy expressions on both faces, which are priceless….But it IS difficult to tell in the picture if the child is wearing anything at all because of the placement of the stuffed animal. So, that’s a little misleading. AND – I also don’t know how she’ll feel when she’s an adult about the fact that this was posted on the Internet (as one other reader wrote above)….
    Also-some people do feel it’s fine for kids to be actually naked in public, but I feel that it’s potentially unsafe depending on which adults are there (sad to say). And I’d rather protect my child by having them wear some clothing than none at all unless it’s a very private situation with just the parents…Unfortunately there is still too high a rate of child molestation not to keep a close watch on them in some situations.
    Anyhow, you certainly did nothing greviously wrong…but maybe could have taken another moment or two to proofread the photo and think a bit about the connotations for the future. Also- drinking one beer is fine but I’ve seen too many parents drink WAY too many (4-10 or more) while they totally ignore their young child, who truly needs their attention. This can also happen while immature parents spend hours on their cellphone video games while their gifted child is in front of the TV WAY too long with no real stimulation at all.. This is NOT what seems to be happening in this picture but it is a fact of life for too many children whose parents are in fact neglecting their needs while indulging in some type of addiction, whether drinking, video games or anything else.

  52. Lynae says:

    I read the original article and the only thing I was blown away by (besides your slow and sorry wardrobe demise) was how much you seem to love your kids. Perhaps these rude women are secretly jealous of what an involved father you are. You are a rarity, don’t change a thing.

  53. Cedric says:

    Some people are stupid and lazy. They did not read the article. That would have taken time and reflection. We live in a world where streaming news and tweets constitute the level we are willing to delve. We are turning into shallow intellectuals who can’t read past a headline and expect to form an informed point of view. SAD SAD SAD!

  54. jason says:

    We have become a paranoid culture that sees sexual predators lurking in every bush and serial killers in every van, and I hate it. This isn’t the way it was when we were kids, and we’re not doing our children any favors by being such nervous nellies and teaching them to fear the world. I see nothing wrong with the picture.

  55. Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom says:

    I wish people would lighten up already. It’s a darling photo and people just muck beautiful things up with the ugliness of their fear, paranoia and dogma. Get a grip people.

  56. charity says:

    When I read the title of Monica’s post i thought, Why? Because someone might trip over the red wagon? People are lame. It’s a cute photo.

  57. Manjari says:

    It’s a beautiful picture!

  58. dadcamp says:

    My wife HATES it when people let kids roll around in diapers only, she wouldn’t be a fan of this pic.

    Me? I think it’s cute – yknow, apart from your camo shorts.

  59. Karen says:

    I think people are being judgemental and close-minded. Who is someone else to tell you how you should permit your daughter to dress, or what kind of attitude you should want to teach her to have about her body? By all means, let’s castigate the gentleman who posted an innocent photo rather than penalize the potential pedophile who might misuse it. Any one commenting who reads your blog should have some sense of the nature of your character.

  60. AM Quinn says:

    I love the photo! It’s sweet, she’ll treasure it when she is older (after the obligatory teenage “I’m embarrassed about everything!” stage). I don’t know who all these other uptight women are, but as the mother of 3 daughters who has no problem with nudity – especially the innocent nudity of children before they are brainwashed that nudity = sex – I’d hazard a guess I’m not the only one supporting you. Go Daddy!

  61. dale says:


    I think the father daughter picture is fine, really cute and the kind of photo most people wish they had with their fathers, or even their mothers boyfriends. I was a little surprised and concerned that there was no mention amongst the throngs of comments, regarding the large metal star on the table leaning against the wall. That star is a nightmare just eating to happen! Dad gets up, maybe tipsy from the beer, knocks into the table, the star falls, pushing the red tricycle into the girl, she falls into the seat, it rolls off the porch across the yard, picks up speed down the hill, the child tries to apply breaks, but they are worn(zoom into image), she picks up more speed, and then, careening out of control…need I write more? I think not. please secure that star!

  62. Denny says:

    I think it’s a great picture. I’m a dad with 5 boys, moments like those, pictures like those are snapshots of wonderful memories made. I think she’ll ESPECIALLY love it when she’s an adult with kids of her own.

  63. Deana says:

    I would be more concerned with the massive amount of photos that come up when you Google your name (google images) than the photo above. It’s a beautiful photo! However, the amount of other pictures that pop up and seem to map your life (your daughters photos also come up, which is kinda scary, right?) could be a potentially bad thing. But if you’re not bothered by it, then no one else should be. :)

  64. Sharon McFadden says:

    It is a wonderful photo. Don’t Hate was the first thing I saw. Then 2 smiling faces.

  65. Sunny Mills says:

    This photo is precious. WTF. People are Ricky Retardos

  66. Megan Keith says:

    Dear Serge: I have to say yes, you were wrong. What all the ranting people are trying to tell you is that your daughter is inadvertently posed in a way that would be sexually appealing to pedophile. The reason they are yelling at you is that you, as a father, need to be aware of this reality as the father of a young daughter. You made a mistake. We all do. What is concerning to me is your level of unawareness about this, which is amplified by the can of beer in your hand. No sin in drinking beer on a warm summer evening, but you don’t pose with a small child doing that and then put it on the internet. Having your fashion become a little sloppy and laid back is one thing, but you can’t afford this as a parent. It becomes irresponsible, and when parents are irresponsible, bad things happen. The other thing you can’t afford as a parent is failing to take responsibility for your actions. You’re “what’s wrong?” defense is not flying well for that reason. I’m so sorry that you have been assaulted over this in the way you have; it was an honest mistake, but dude, man up. You did the wrong thing.

  67. sherri b says:

    The picture is a nice shot … sort of modern day Americana. So whats this about it being inappropriate? I too have a 3 yr old and I know that by the end of the day you could care less what theyre wearing (or not). Just happy that the kid is still (and u can drink a cold one b4 reading books and tucking in). Havent yet read the article (i will though). The picture was a good choice cause it draws the viewer in (whats this guy talking about?). For the folk whose minds went to pedophile, etc. …. GET YOUR MINDS RIGHT. How is it that you look at a kid and see sex????

  68. Jeff says:

    Very nice pic. I’m listening to you on McConnell right now. People are idiots.

  69. Jeffrey Rose says:

    I am a photographer and stay at home dad. I love your photo as a photographer and as a father of two little girls. Its tough to watch uninformed people make harsh judgments. I am in your corner. Continue your great work!

  70. chelsea says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the picture, but if it were my child I would not consider it internet appropriate. I think it is a nice picture to put in an album, or maybe in a frame in your home. Just not something I would post online for all eternity and the world to see. That’s just me, I don’t think posting it is a comment on your ability to safely and lovingly parent your child though.

  71. sara says:

    My 5 year old still runs the house in her underwear:) I don’t post pics of her online like that though. Just a personal choice. I thought the picture was really cute:) Oh and since when is drinking beer illegal?????

  72. Alexandra says:

    I think it’s cute. You can’t see her riparian and I’ve seen kids in worse. Who y’all need to worry about is your own danger kids cus I can guarantee that half of you posting negative let your kids do whatever they want. I’m pretty sure this dad didn’t say to himself “Hmmm I want to post a pic that sexually exposes my.daughter.” Get real guys.

  73. Sasha says:

    There is nothing wrong with this photo! It’s a dad and his little girl hanging out together. The whole fact that people made rude comments on Facebook is ridiculous!! They need to get a life and stop over analyzing!

  74. Rose says:

    All of those comments are exactly why I am afraid to really own my Blog. Do I have a tough enough skin for all the a**holes out there? I don’t know. All I can say is some people are stupid sheep. The picture is priceless. You look happy and that really is all that counts in the end. Plus, I love the shirt. Ironic that so many people were so quick to judge and hate you. Didn’t they read your d*mn shirt??!! :)

  75. amber wright says:

    i dont see anything wrong with your picture,i have two young boys and they were only diapers alot in the summertime,its different story if she were to have no clothes on at all sitting there like that,but she isnt,i think the people that say its innapropriate have a problem,.yes children should be dressed and presentable,but your in your own yard,relaxing with a beer,she isnt holding it,the adult is!…society blows everything out of proportion i love the picture and see nothing wrong with it!

  76. Andrea says:

    And here I was sitting here thinking that I love your shirt (or that shirt, as until I read the article I was unsure of if it was you or a stock photo of some sort) and I totally want one. So yeah, people need to find themselves something to DO.

  77. trista hevey says:

    Lovely picture and very similar to ones I have taken of my daughter & hubby. LOVE IT!!

  78. Jackie says:

    I didn’t even notice she had no top on. I didn’t notice the beer either. I guess I just saw regular people doing regular things. The doom-sayers and negative people must be jealous of normal.

  79. missy says:

    Im more concerned about those who see this photo as sexual. Please, seek help, and don’t get on my Facebook if you view small children as sexualized. This is a beautiful photo and one that your daughter will cherish

  80. Trish says:

    That picture is PRECIOUS and just remember that those people are judging you for a photo but if you saw a glimpse of their lives I GUARANTEE they aren’t perfect. Dads are THE most important thing to children so good for you for spending quality time with her and forget those women. Keep up the good work and cherish the obviously great relationship you have with her.

  81. Debbie Pugh says:

    Cute photo. Not a problem!

  82. Callie says:

    Honestly, I think they were just trying to sound important. I can see the idea, but there are a couple things.
    First, you cant see anything in the photo, even if there was no diaper, you see nothing. It’s your kid, my son likes to take his diaper off and sit in my lap, or next to me, and I shrug it off, till I get worried he will pee everywhere lol.
    Second, going with the first, there are millions or more of photos with kids who wear diapers online, or no cloths at all (many postings about third world countries n such) this photo…is nothin.
    Finally, it’s your kid, you are happy, she seems happy. There is nothing creepy, or scary, or even perverted about it.

    I think if people are trying to give advice, they need to work on their tact first.. Instead of the comment Brenda made, about the pedos, she could have simply said, “this photo doesn’t seem appropriate, there are a lit of messed up people out there, who may view this inappropriately, perhaps a Chang of picture would have been better.” or something to that degree.

    Once again though, I see nothing wrong with this, it’s a great photo, you seem like a great dad, and keep it up, don’t let rude inconsiderate people get you down because they think they have the right ti judge or make rude comments.

    Opinions are opinions, but how you present them to others makes all the difference.

  83. Mackenzie says:

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous to make such a big deal about this. People’s minds are so corrupt these days, granted there is alot of messed up things in this world to protect our children from. I think parents need to stop being so judgmental it’s a great picture. I mean come on we live in a world now where breastfeeding has become weird to people and the think it’s something sexual. Uh, duh why else do we have breasts?! Don’t mistake a fathers affection for something weird. Next it’s gonna be wrong for fathers to change the diapers. I would have to agree and say thay most of those angry commenters were just jealous on lookers. Daddy issues? Hmm

  84. brandy schmidt says:

    That’s outrageous how people judge others. I have countless photos of my son wearing just a diaper. They’re kids, they make messes, some days its easier to let them go in just a diaper. That lady who says “especially children” is dumb if I see a pic of a kid naked I laugh, as long as they’re privates are covered they’re fine! And for the beer, most parents have a drink now and then, its not like you’re bonging the beer, you’re not doing drugs! What’s wrong with a can of beer, on your porch of your house? Is that saying you’re a bad parent for having a glass of wine with dinner, or champagne at wedding? Cause your kid is around? People have no lives, they judge others to make themselves seem better! I love the photo! And you’re both smiling, don’t let them ladies get to you!

  85. Brandi S says:

    I personally have a TON of pictures in my girls in either just a diapr,or a diaper and bottoms. I don’t see anything wrong with it. People can misinterpret ANYTHING now a days. Doesn’t matter what it is. I am sure ALL of our parents have bath photos of all of us when we were younger. No one thought twice about it then. But now,it’s a big flippin deal. I absolutely adore the picture. It is such a nice relaxing shot. No matter what we do as parents there is ALWAYS going to be someone that has to pass judgement to make them feel better about themselves. if this can be misconstrued as inappropriate,what about those little fountains of little boys peeing? Should people that own those be made to feel bad? Aren’t those a little inappropriate?

  86. Tiia says:

    I love this shows you are comfortable with each other (the way it should be with father and child)…It is heartwarming and delightful to see this day and age when so many children are left without enough (or someone to) love!

  87. Bernadette Murray says:

    The picture is a wonderful display of the love of a little girl for her father. I think it is sweet and heart wraming. People feel that being on online makes them anonymous and that they think they can sphed some grand advice knowledge and opinion and they will be viewed and thoughtful and wise. Fuck that they are cruel, ignorant and scared of the few bad seeds that make national news. You keep up the good work and never let those losers bring you down.

  88. Fiona says:

    As a mother of 2 little girls myself, I don’t think the photo is wrong. Remind yourself that these gossip queens are just that, if they felt the need to shoot you down, obviously their lives are askew. These are also the same women who probably post bath photos of their children on Facebook and find that completely ok.
    My 5 year old still runs around the house in her underwear and the only issue it’s posed for me is that she now “hates school because she has to wear jeans, socks and shoes all day” and those are her exact words. She isn’t in a store in just her diaper (which I’ve seen plenty of parents do, especially living in the South with all this heat) Don’t be offended by these mere comments. You know you love your daughter and would never harm or allow harm to befall her. When she gets older, she will thank you for loving her unconditionally and not care that this photo is online. Besides, what about the parents who allow their children to go to nude beaches or festivals where they run around in diapers, underwear or sometimes even nothing? Everyone lives differently and raises their children differently, all that matters is that you don’t harm your child(ren) in any way, you don’t allow them to be harmed by others, you raise them morally and ethically proper and you teach them right from wrong. It upsets me how rude and disrespectful others are. I’m sorry you experienced this level of low.

  89. Rachelle says:

    All I thought when I saw the picture was, “Aww, how sweet is that!” But then again, I am one I’d those parents that thinks that children should be able to run around in their diapers, play in the mud, and get food all over their faces when they eat : )

  90. Shannon Juenke says:

    I think it’s a cute picture! You’re not being a creeper…just enjoying an evening with your daughter. Too many people spend too many hours on FB picking at everybody else’s business. Put down the microscope!! What lives they must leave to judge everyone else!! Get a life haters!! These days there aren’t alot of dads still in their kids’ lives to even have a picture taken…your daughter seems blissful with her Daddy, shorts and all. I knew she wasn’t very dressed but she’s little!! ?I didn’t even notice the beer! To heck with them…its a good picture.

  91. Fiona says:

    Also to the person who posted about Google, Google your own name and see what comes up. You will find quite a bit, once it’s on the net, it never leaves. I Google myself and every internet profile I’ve ever made comes up and mass amounts of photos. Private or not, its never truly private. Facebook owns the rights to all your photos even if you block your profile. Just because others can’t access it means nothing. It’s just a false security to you to make you as the profile owner feel better.
    Secondly, many parents have photos holding a beer or a mixed drink( and just because its in a fancy glass or cup doesn’t mean that everyone viewing it doesn’t know what it is.) And their children in the photos.
    Again I restate, what you did was not wrong in the least so don’t let these nitpickers make you feel so.
    Remember all, misery loves company. And if you don’t know what it means, use your lovely friend Google to help you:)

  92. shannon says:

    I think it is a very beautiful and innocent picture. I personally don’t think they wanted to help you at all. People do this all of the time, it annoys me!!

  93. Toria says:

    I love this father daughter picture and it’s your photo of choice a happy father and a happy child after a hard days work and play chilling together every body had there own opinions And yes it’s a messes up world where we can not just be family’s we have to watch every corner every second for dangers And I am one of them over pAranoid mothers that worries about this yet I still chose to photo my children and share these with my friends and family people have to realise that at leader you are at home not outside a pub where you are having more than one and she is being looked after by strangers . Carry on being yourself !!!

  94. Mandi Carlson says:

    I absolutely love love this picture. I haven’t even read the article yet. I see this picture in almost every single old school photo album. Even kids without diapers and their lil butts… Those days were the days when we could run around the yard as toddlers in the sprinkler, lake, whatever. Sure we had a diaper, clothes or suit on the first time but after mom changed us 3x she gave up and let us run naked. This picture makes me picture a dad that had a hard day working and stopped to have a nice cold one, sit and talk with his daughter, ask her how her day was..even if he doesn’t understand anything she jabbers about, and enjoy the good life for a minute, reflecting on how good his life is and how happy his family makes him. My point is, we are so quick to judge, and I’m no saint by any means, but because we live in such a neg world that is the first thing we do and see in things. I love this pic, and I see a daddy’s lil girl that didn’t care what she was wearing…. She was enjoining that moment with her dad.
    I lost my dad in january. I would give anything to put on one of his old shirts, which were my pj’s growing up, and sit with him doing whatever. Just to have over more minute with him. Who cares what people think…. Let them go on with their miserable negative lives. You are supposed to see the bright side of everything and not take one minute for granted… Someone needs to get them a big glass of positiveness and a big hug. By the way… Do you have a brother, cousin, young uncle? I would give anything for my kids to have a dad like you… p.s. Let me know if they need my number.. Lol

  95. Cynsmom says:

    I read the article above and it’s sad but people are very quick to judge. I thought the pic was very sweet, some of the best pics I have of my daughter are of her running around in just a diaper! Try not to let people’s opinion get you down, keep doing a great job of raising your child(ren) and let the critics be miserable.

  96. Amanda says:

    I see a beautiful picture of a happy well taken care of little girl and her daddy (so rarely do you see daddy in todays society). I think out stinks that a stuffed animal covering her diaper has caused so much controversy! Who would post a picture of themselves and a naked child? I doubt an educated man! I also doubt this child will hate this picture being posted. She is absolutely adorable and not naked. Some of my favorite pictures of my children with their father they are in nothing but a diaper. I also see nothing wrong with a man having a beer on his porch swing…I don’t see a sloppy drunk man I see a hard working man having a beer relaxing while spending time with his child.

  97. Miriam says:

    I love the photo.
    Your princess in her undies.
    Your beer at hand.
    And even the camo shorts.
    Reminds me a lot of my very loving, responsible husband and my infant daughter. Oh how she loves to hang with her pop.
    Cheers to the both of you.

  98. Mary Chris says:

    I am so glad you shared this. At 40 I gave birth to my first child and had spent the first 8 months of our lives together documenting so many lovely innocent moments of her sweet little existence on my Facebook page for all my family and friends (which by the age of 40 we realize are spread all about the world). Not having an enemy in the world, so I thought, my facebook page was left public to be viewed by anyone. As surprised and shocked as you were, my significant other’s ex wife submitted an affidavit to Supreme Family Court in New York citing photos of when my daughter curiously explored the dog food bowl, pictures of her in the tub, and pictures of my daughter playing with her children. She cited my irresponsible parenting, putting my child and her children in danger to pedophiles and sexual predators who could find where we lived. She crucified my parenting techniques and my immaturity for using facebook. I’m still unsure of how the whole situation sits with me, have privatized my facebook, and no longer find the joy I formally did sharing my beautiful, innocent daughter with my family and friends.

  99. Christina Miller says:

    I have a picture of my dad and I that is almost identical to this. Of course we took our picture over 25 years ago, before everyone had an opinion about your parenting skills and there was no internet. lol. I absolutely love this “Kodak Moment” of you and your daughter, you both look so relaxed and happy!

  100. Mischelle says:

    There is nothing wrong with the picture. She is young enough to run around without pants and a shirt. What caught me was ummm she’s 3 get her out of diapers. Lol. Don’t let the people who think the picture was a bad thing bother you. If it had been a mother and daughter not one of them would have opened their big mouths. And a pedophile fantasizes over fully dressed children also not just little kids running around in normal summer diaper or underpants apparel. So don’t feel bad about the picture and I hope in theme t one she’s wearing big girl panties :)

  101. Erin says:

    I couldn’t even tell what was wrong with the picture until I read this article! I have way too many diaper pictures because I’m sick of changing clothes all day. It’s a beautiful picture and people are self-righteous…you have a right to be mad, but just keep doing what you’re doing!

  102. Brandy says:

    I posted a picture of my daughter when she was about that age on Myspace. She was wearing panties and my shoes! I took the picture looking down on her. I got a lot of people telling me to take it off. I did not think anything but it was a cute picture of my daughter trying to fill my shoes. The thing is, people will see and hear what they want no matter what. They forget that most of the things we do on these pages are self expression. Yes they are entitled to their opinions, but I wouldn’t let them upset you. No one is perfect so people have to find things wrong with others to forget their own faults. Your daughter is beautiful and lucky to have a father that is willing to spend some time with her.

  103. marinka says:

    That’s a load of crazy right there. Love the picture!

  104. nikki says:

    This is a perfectly innocent photo of a dad hanging out with his daughter. To think otherwise is sick…and that is what the women that bitched about it are…sick and twisted, making everything out to be an issue when in fact it is a non issue. Its very easy for people to pass judgement on others and that is what makes me so angry. Why take this innocent, beautiful photo and paint into some pedophile’s dream? Doesn’t matter what you do, those sickos are out there…and it doesn’t matter how much we try to protect our kids, they won’t go anywhere. All you can do is love your kids and try to be the best person you can be for them…and you are obviously doing that Mr. Camo….so don’t sweat what these women have said because clearly they have way too much time on their hands. Shame on them for demonizing a cute photo of you and your little one.

  105. Tana S. says:

    I just recently got in an argument with a family member because I posted a video of my 2 year old wearing just a tank top, no bottoms (we are in the middle of a potty training). The video reveals a little bit of her naked toushie… In my eyes that is the cutest think ever. Kids are meant to run around naked in the summer time! Thats part of the fun :-)
    Your picture is beautiful!

  106. Rebecca says:

    I love you article and I am sorry this has happened!

    I enjoy the photo — for the simple fact — it’s a father & daughter spending time together & the smiles on your faces!

    Ironically your shirt says “no hate”
    But some people dont care about other people
    It’s hard to know that and still be public with your life –
    But some do enjoy and need words/advice from other people!
    So write on man!!

  107. Maria says:

    Beautiful picture and it is wonderful that you write about your daughter. There are a million little girls out there without fathers that care this much. I for one am very happy to see this picture it shows pure love. Don’t read the negative stuff and keep doing what you love.

  108. Ap says:

    You are her dad, so do what you want. I have taken pictures of friends babies that were naked and decided to send them in an email, instead of posting them on fb. This was only for the parents comfort, even though i know they wouldn’t mind. I see nothing wrong with it. It is 2012, and most people have and online memoir instead of hard copy. To me when I read about the pedophile comment. It would be like saying detroy old painting because people are naked and sex addicts will get the wrong idea. If you are a sex addict you will want something a little more explicit and not a random family photo. Just sayin…

  109. Vi says:

    The picture is absolutely beautiful. I think it shows a father taking absolute joy in being with his daughter and she looks like she is absolutely thrilled to be sitting there with you. There are a lot of bitter, angry people out there. Don’t let them get you down.

  110. Heather says:

    I LOVE this picture!!! I was reading this while talking to my aunt on the phone, and shared the story with her… I told her that I thought the picture was adorable and was one that would probably be included in the slide show at her wedding reception 20 years from now. Dont let those people get you down, I hope my husband and our daughter have tons of photos like this. Its a perfect representation of the love, innocence and sheer “awww’ factor between a dad and his little girl. :)

  111. Reese says:

    I think you may have made their opinions of you even worse with the photo caption you wrote here.

  112. megan says:

    Like you said, the internet is full of people slamming others. Even to the point they’re just slamming the commenters that have gotten completely off subject.
    When I was little I, like most children could not keep the clothes on. All I saw in your photo was a dad spending some time with his daughter. She looks happy and comfortable and you’re obviously not staring at her in a distasteful manner. Happily looking off into the sunset you said was there.
    As long as you and your child know you are happy that’s great! Just use a stock photo so you’re not subjecting your personal life to strangers.

    To the person who commented that his daughter will not like being posted when she gets older… think about it. Wouldn’t you like to see a nostalgic photo of you chilling with your parents?? I know I do.

  113. cami says:

    nothing wrong with real life. can anyone say they never let their kid run around in just a diaper, i think not.

  114. Carly says:

    Everyone is so hard on everyone else! I have seen this happen before. We all need to be nicer to each other online and in person.

  115. Charli says:

    I don’t know why people think their opinions are so important. It’s a great picture, I wish my husband had more time to take photos of the memories we make everyday just like this one.

  116. AmandaP says:

    As someone who has two boys who love to go commando I had to stare at your picture for a while to figure out what was wrong and couldn’t until you explained it in the article! People these days are ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with someone having a beer or two and relaxing with their children. There is also nothing wrong with children going in their diapers! Childhood and it’s freedoms only last so long so they should be able to enjoy it while they can!! Anyone that takes offense to pictures like these obviously has some kind of issues that should be dealt with in counseling.

  117. Angela says:

    Its the classic “Mommy Wars”.Also a big dose of double standard IMO.What about the constant pics of breastfeeding pics in the internet eyes of young boys?? Is anyone second guessing those? Not downing BF mommies in any way,just my opinion.These same people have a problem with a very young child in a diaper but show no discretion when it comes to their boobs hanging out for the world to see.Go for it Dad,wish more Fathers were as involved with their childrens lives!

  118. Renee says:

    In Italy and Spain its not uncommon to see fully naked children in public. Whether its hot outside or they are potty training, makes no difference. People here should lighten up. Its a great pic of you both in a moment of childhood. She looks happy and full of glee. Nothing perverted or disgusting about it. As with anything they could just click “away” but some people like to stir up controversy. Boring lives.

  119. Kellan says:

    LOVE this picture! You didn’t do anything wrong. Yeah, it looks like your daughter’s naked in the photo, but then she’s what, 3? If she were 13, then you bet I’d have a problem with her nudity…but at 2 or 3 or 4, who really cares?! If people have a problem with it, let them do different with THEIR OWN KIDS. They shouldn’t take it out on someone else! And, obviously, they haven’t come to read this article, because you mention she’s actually in her diaper, not naked, and I didn’t see a single apology in the comments. By the way, a child who is still in diapers NEEDS naked time to air out their skin. It’s healthier for them that way.

  120. Heather says:

    My 1st reaction was.. What an amazing picture, how long did the people who were offended by it stare at it? They’re the weirdos!! I really think its precious!! :)

  121. Karol Young says:

    I see a father spending time with his daughter. I applaude you.

  122. Andi says:

    Weird. I see nothing in porpoise about the picture to me it’s cute and genuine …. My daughters two she often runs around in a diaper and as for the beer none of you have Beer after dinner on the frOnt porch!?!?!

  123. Sarah says:

    Let babies be naked!!! Omg who cares! My daughter is naked in our front yard a lot. No one has died.

  124. Chad Welch says:

    It is a great picture!

  125. Nikki says:

    Dear sir I read both of ur articles on this subject I am a mother an I understand how u feel today’s society is goin down to toilet don’t get upset about stupid things stupid pple say an as a parent I didn’t find anything wrong with the picture ur baby was covered by her stuffed animal an most people post worst pictures of them an their babies on the internet don’t let it get u down this world needs more peace an love than judgement an hate

  126. Karen says:

    No matter the innocence of the picture, the fact is you can not tell she has a diaper on. This picture will most certainly make the rounds among the pedi file community for years to come. I’m sure you had no intention of making your daughter the object of their fantasies, but that is what you have done. There is no going back now.

  127. Cookie says:

    I loved the pic.. the bad comments are from people who have dirty minds. I have seen pic’s that parents put on the net that they should be arrested for. So they should mind there on family mybe the have sicko’s that think the worst bad of this (so cute) pic.<3

  128. Chanda says:

    People can be extremely judgemental over things they don’t really need to even have an opinion on. I read your original article and never even noticed the beer or the fact that your daughter was in a diaper only. You can’t let other peoples opinions bother you overmuch. Take it in stride and learn from the experience.

  129. ursula says:

    Honestly I think the people who are negative about such innocent photos are the same people who Bitch and moan all the time about everything! I cannot stand these moms who obsess about trivial crap. Give me a break get a life. I think your photograph is precious. I would be concerned if she did not have a diaper on…..however that is not the case. So ignore the hate mail. They probably have a ten foot pole up their butt.

  130. desiree says:

    I think that is a cute picture. The smoke on your daughters face is precious. Its cute. Honestly, people need to just allow the innocence to exist. Yes, there are dangers in the world. Yes, there are people that are worth worrying about, but we can’t allow fear to dictate weather we share precious moments such as the one you did.

    I love the picture. Screw the women that feel children should always wear clothes and not be free to run about in their diapers.

  131. Melissa says:

    Dont sweat it!! Really. My lil girl is always running around in a diaper I seriously cant keep clothes on her. Even in public sometimes! She is constantly trying to take them off. She loves her daddy and will crawl into bed with us to wake us up. I get up to start the coffee and my baby will stratch daddy’s back to wake him up and give him kisses and hugs. I think its adorable. And ur picture is just as adorable. I do not see anything wrong with it. So those so-called ladies (if they even can call themselves ladies with those comments!) can take thier nasty rude obnoxious comments and go plug a hole somewhere. And you keep being the best father you know how to be!! Thats all any parent can do!! :)

  132. Melissa says:

    Such a beautiful picture!!! Nothing to feel bad about, it’s a beautiful little girl with her daddy. You can’t get anything better than that

  133. Anna says:

    She’s a baby. Babies run around naked. And sometimes (hold onto your girdle) people drink alcoholic beverages. At their homes. I’m not so sure what people were freaking out about. Being rude and demeaning just to be so?

  134. denise says:

    This is a sad story. Unforchenetly I myself won’t even put a picture of my kids from the shoulders up in the bath tub up on facebook even with cute bubble beards because for one yes there are pervs out there and I’ve watched a little to much law and order in my day and am PARINOID about it now. And two, their are what I believe to be snooty people who will leave comments judging as they did for your picture.

  135. Daphne says:

    I worry about people who look at a picture of a dad and his little girl and their first thought is sexual in nature. All of my children spent more time in just a diaper when they were little and they were never molested, ogled, touched inappropriately..nor did they become traumatized when they sat outside in our yard in said diaper while the grown ups had a few drinks and watched the sunset. All three are grown now and ..wait for it, waaaaaait for it…well rounded, law abiding, contributing members of the American You and your little girl are precious in that photo, both of you caught in a moment of simply being yourselves and enjoying the evening so don’t question your choices simply smile and then pray for the hateful souls with not a thing better to do with themselves.

  136. Kela says:

    it is a beautiful picture its who yaw are in real life.. i have a beautiful pic of my niece in her undies outside with a Popsicle in one hand and her other hand on her for head cause she was going on no i got pop pop everywhere… by the way again its so beautiful, yaw on your porch in a swing with toys and no fancy get up on its a great pic.. the people who said all of that probably never experienced what you experienced just sitting on your swing with your kid and thats the simple joys in your life.. what matters is your lil girl will remember sitting on that swing with her daddy..

  137. Karen Saintdenis says:

    Okay, as a person who works as a child advocate, my first response to this picture was, “Oh no. There are probably a least 100 pedophiles getting really excited right at this very instant..” That being said, in an ideal society that should be a very touching photo. Unfortunately we dont exist in that reality. If that were a picture of my child, I would be enraged and scared to death to think of sick pedophiles viewing my baby with such lust and malice, imagining what they would like to do to her. And I would worry that some sick person would take that unhealthy preoccupation to another level and try to find her. Very very scary thought…

  138. Masa says:

    This is sad. I see a daughter enjoying swing time with her daddy. I do understand that their are people in this world that see things we don’t, and turn it into something perverse. As a woman I can go out in an outfit that makes me feel good to wear, but to others it shows clevage to which in their eyes makes me a bad person. I remember moments with my daddy coming home from work right after my bath, and I would run out for a hug in just my panties. When I turned 5, he made me starting wearing a robe or night gown before I could come out. Your daughter will too remember those memories with you. We cannot please everyone, and no matter what we do there is judgment by others. I say keep enjoing those innocent moments with your daughter, because there will be a day you have to make/let her grow up.

  139. haley says:

    as a mom of 5 kids 3 of which are still in the run around in either a diaper pull up or underwear in the summer stage, your picture is wonderful picture of a dad and his beautiful daughter enjoying and afternoon swing on the porch. when i saw your picture before reading your post, I just giggled because its i sight i see all to often at home…. and I think until kids are school age as long as thier private parts are covered they are fine.

  140. Kelly says:

    I think the picture is fantastic! Arm thrown loving over your daughter while you are both hanging out. I see nothing wrong… I see Love! So easy for ya to hide behind a screen and throw darts… Pfffht. I am sorry that a beautiful picture was tainted.

  141. Kelly says:

    I think the picture is fantastic! Arm thrown loving over your daughter while you are both hanging out. I see nothing wrong… I see Love! So easy for us to hide behind a screen and throw darts… Pfffht. I am sorry that a beautiful picture was tainted.

  142. Brooksy says:

    Dude. It’s a perfect shot, post is funny. Loved it keep writing, keep having a beer on the porch- its inspiration.

  143. Adriana M. says:

    I loved the photo. It looks so relaxing. I feel sorry for those crazy moms – and their kids.

  144. Preston says:

    Serge (Can I call ya Serge?),

    Thank you for this interesting blog. I found it thought provoking and so relevant to “brave new world”. I find it even more interesting that the comments on this piece seem to have done the exact same thing! Again, we skip the point and begin to debate the merits of the photo! I say “we” because my first instinct was to do the same.

    I do not often comment on articles or blogs, but why do I when I do? To defend “right” and the ones who cannot defend themselves? Well, no, but I’d like to think that were the case. But I am more likely to comment if I happen to have a minority opinion in the debate. If I’m honest it is probably a combination of hoping to convince people of my idea of “right” and maybe showing off my vast understanding of everything ever. Okay, a bit overstated there, but I often feel some sort of deeply held belief about the subject, it is important to me, and I feel compelled to defend it. I suspect also that I may just be drawn towards conflict, on some level.

    So, there you go. I feel much better now that I have shown off my mental magnificence!

  145. shawna says:

    People want to turn everything into a negative but do not let them to me its a picture of a loving dad spending time with his little girl. And if people do not like the picture do not look at it plain and simple as that :) It’s not their child so they should really mind their own business it does not effect their life in any way. If a sicko is going look at a kid like that I doubt if it matters if they are clothed or not clothed. I think people should get off the computer and spend more time worrying about their own children.

  146. Rose Lindenmayer says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this picture. I think maybe the negative comments about this were a little too ETHNOCENTRIC. Negative comments are coming from unknowledgeable people who only look at things from their own point of view. Now, if you look at other cultures around the world you will find that many cultures find nothing wrong with children being half-way nude, or they do not mind that their children see them or anyone having sex. Some cultures believe that children should participate in all aspects of life. Not to say this photo was of a naked child with her father, but as an example of ETHNOCENTRISM. I think it was posted in all innosence by a father trying to get his point across.

  147. Loretta Suttner says:

    Well at least you wore the right T Shirt.

  148. Joy says:

    Oh please to the child advocate, if you are a child advocate you would know that most paedophiles come from within the family.

  149. Jessica Richard says:

    I hate that you had to endure that. I believe you and I aren’t the 1st to be attacked for something that was misread/understood. Not only that, its sad that these women had nothing else better to do than bash a dad with his daughter. The pic is beautiful..I can’t count how many times I let my boys run around in just their diaper in the middle of summer! I’ve also posted these pics on FB, I think the diff is, sad yes, but I’m a mother & you’re a father. I’ve noticed more and more people get this mentality, that everyone and everything needs to be taken badly rather than what it is, innocent. It was a damn pic and complete strangers shred it to pieces.. (so to say) assuming that because your holding a beer, you’re a drunk, and because she’s wearing a diaper, you’re a POS pedophile father. You had it right, the focus wasn’t meant to b the pic, had it been I’m sure you could’ve summed it up in a few words, rather than paragraphs that really don’t focus on the pic AT ALL! Unfortunately after this I bet u debate which pics you post/use for fear (for the sake of a better word) of what people will “assume” of it. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it tho. It’s a very nice picture.

  150. Jay says:

    Nothing wrong with the photo. Ignore the haters.

  151. JR says:

    To Karen Saint: Part of what is wrong with the world today is ALL the negative thinking. If that is the first thing that comes to your mind…then the problem lies with you and others with similar mindsets. I am not doubting your thought for a moment; however life seems to short & precious the last thing i want to do is waste a moment of my precious time thinking about perverts & what they are thinking/doing.
    I am confident that pedophiles have been around longer than we would like to think. I for one would like to shed positive light on a situation like this rather than continue to surround myself with so much negativity. One might say at least she has a father by her side…
    Can you even fathom how much better this world would be if EVERYone replaced one negative thought with one positive thought each day?

  152. Paula Fears-Fischer says:

    Hey Dad,

    You love your daughter (your kids) that is what counts! The picture is above the bar…you’re chilling, you love her, she loves you. That she is in her natural state on the porch swing has nothing to do with sick-minded people who see it differently. The negative comments should be addressed to them…and not you.
    The world has changed…if you want to protect your reputation…just don’t post pictures in a public forum. Strangely enough the real offensive stuff “sells” on the internet, and there the people don’t lift their moral finger or even have an opinion.
    My advice dad….keep on keepin’ on….love them before the world beats them up. Give them self esteem so they love themselves and can love others.

  153. Tara Medina says:

    My husband says there are always three sides to a story: yours, mine, and the truth. Depending on our perception, our own environment and what we choose to focus on, is how we perceive others. But to help you understand people like those hagglers, they have a purpose like you and I. They are the whistle blowers on actual pedophiles. So it is awesome that they are wrong and you stood up for yourself, But as a mother it is extemely necessary that they are looking out. There are men out there who cant hold their liquor and should not be around anyone, let alone a small unclothed child. Sorry to burst your venting. Again, I am so glad that they (hagglers) are wrong.

    1. sergebielanko says:

      Sorry Tara, but I see no logic in your statement at all. The people that comment on a picture of a father and his daughter on Facebook are the ones who “are the whistle blowers on actual pedophiles.”

      Huh? Give us an example of a specific case where that has occurred.

      If I see a car in a picture, should I add a comment seriously questioning whether it’s stolen or not?

      If I see a fish someone caught in a picture, should I automatically suggest that it may have been caught out of season?

      If I see a Hispanic person in a picture, is it right to assume that they are an illegal alien?

      The answer to each of these questions is: Hell no.

      So, when it comes to what I wrote about, a photo on the internet and some of the comments that were left under it, I simply don’t see your logic at all.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

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