Welcome to Movember


whit honea, movember, mickey mouse, mustache, coffee, mug, mr. honeaBy the time you read this it will be November. There will be candy on my breath, and chocolate on my shirt, but there will not be a single hair on my face. Yes, the beard comes off in the morning, and with it all my false securities.

Tomorrow is November 1, or as we in the Internet business like to call it: Movember. Note, it will still be the first. It’s really not that complicated.

Movember is when a man’s heart turns to helping others, and his face turns to mustaches. That’s right, we start the month clean and then watch our lips slowly cover in stubble and moss in an effort to raise donations and awareness of men’s health issues, namely prostate and testicular cancers, respectively, but also mental health.

It’s not the prettiest campaign I have ever worked on, but it is efficient. The money raised by past Movembers has already made a noticeable difference in the treatment and research of the issues listed above, and the medical world is openly optimistic about the future, which is, obviously, pretty amazing.

I am on a team with many of your favorite dad bloggers, and together we are changing the face of men’s health. I hope you’ll join us.

You can follow my progress and anyone else on the team during the month, and you can help spread the word via the links you just skimmed past. It is an important cause, not only for the dads, sons, husbands, and brothers in your life, but everyone that loves them. Not bad for a bunch of silly mustaches.


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