Workin' Hard: 17 Ways Addie Has Entertained Herself at My Office

I heard the horror stories about being a lawyer well before I ever went to law school. Friends would warn me that young lawyers do nothing but work all day and that their law firm employers drive them into the ground, leaving the lowly associates without happiness, families, or a shred of dignity.

Now that I am three years removed from law school, I can say the warnings were spot on. However, there are many law firms out there that understand the importance of their employees’ happiness. I’ve been lucky enough to work for one of those firms over the past three years.

Before I accepted an attorney position at my current law firm, the other attorneys in the office raved about the family-friendly atmosphere. I figured most of that raving was gloss, but I’ve learned that I may have one of the most family-friendly work environments on the planet. And boy do I take advantage of that environment.

Addie has spent many days at my office as I completed work task after work task. She even spends time at my office when I’m away at court doing what she describes as “standing in front of a judge making money.”  She usually comes to my office when Casey has something going on, but occasionally she will beg to come to office for the day just because she wants to.

Spending a day at the office may sound pretty boring to a lot of people, but Addie’s got quite a few things that she can do while she’s there. Here are a few of the things Addie does when she hangs out at my office:

  • Movie Time 1 of 17
    Movie Time
    Addie has a laptop that she keeps at my office so she can watch movies. I make sure she brings a couple movies with her each visit just in case she gets bored.
  • Reading Books 2 of 17
    Reading Books
    Addie has to read at least 45 minutes whenever she spends the day at my office. Here, she said she didn't need to practice reading anymore, so I had her read some of my law books. When she was done with a page I quizzed her to see how much of what she was reading she comprehended. I learned she's an impressive kid.
  • Writing Practice 3 of 17
    Writing Practice
    I have several of these types of sheets taped to my wall. I found this one in a notebook. Addie loves to practice writing her letters.
  • Doodling 4 of 17
    Addie loves to doodle random stuff. I found this doodle in a notepad.
  • Puzzles 5 of 17
    Addie loves puzzles. She loves creating those puzzles herself even more. This is a puzzle she created and then she taped it to my wall after she finished putting it back together.
  • Valentines 6 of 17
    Addie loves to make Valentines cards. Here she decided to tease me by making me a spider Valentines card. I'm more scared of spiders than I am the Mothman.
  • Coloring 7 of 17
    Addie will have one of the secretaries print out pictures she can color.
  • Organizing 8 of 17
    Addie will sometimes organize my cabinets. At one point she had this cabinet completely organized and then Vivi visited the office and unorganized the cabinet.
  • Her Own Drawer 9 of 17
    Her Own Drawer
    Addie has her own Drawer in my office and it's filled with various things she can play with. One of her favorite things in the drawer, besides the bag of chocolates, is the giant jar of connectable beads.
  • Mail Meter 10 of 17
    Mail Meter
    Addie loves to hangout with the secretaries. She loves when they give her tasks even more. Sometimes they have her run mail through the mail meter. I also have her run papers back and forth between my office and my secretary's office (which happens to be at the other end of the building).
  • Typewriter 11 of 17
    Addie will sometimes use the typewriter in my secretary's office so she can play secretary. My secretary will help her load paper into the typewriter.
  • Addie’s Files 12 of 17
    Addie's Files
    Addie has her own files in a drawer in my secretary's office. Each folder is labeled something different and Addie files away her drawings in their respective folders.
  • Decorating 13 of 17
    Addie will sometimes decorate the office with her drawings. This is the window in my secretary's office, which is currently decorated with two of Addie's colored pictures.
  • Copy Machine Operator 14 of 17
    Copy Machine Operator
    The only thing Addie loves using more than the mail meter machine is the copy machine. She loves it when the secretaries have her make copies.
  • Her Own Station 15 of 17
    Her Own Station
    There are a few empty work stations in my office building. One is pretty much dedicated to the kids that roam the office throughout the day.
  • Her Own Office 16 of 17
    Her Own Office
    Sometimes Addie will find a vacant office room where she will play an imaginary game of office.
  • Bag of Stuff 17 of 17
    Bag of Stuff
    If all else fails, the office has a bag of kids' stuff that clients' kids use when they are visiting the office. Addie uses the crayons in that bag of stuff at least once each visit.

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