Working Dads Need to Step It Up


A new study suggests working mothers spend more time multitasking around the house than their working father counterparts, picking up the slack on tasks like dinner, chores, “interfacing” with the children (yeah, one of the authors said that and I cracked up: “Come on, let’s go interface while we logically place blocks together!”).

NPR has the scoop on the study, pointing out that when working moms multi-task, they are getting crap done around the house, while when working dads multi-task, they are generally doing more jobby work while, say, also playing with the kids. That has to be annoying not only for the moms but also for the kids. Indeed, moms report a lot more stress in these roles while dads seem to be ok, according to the study.

I’d really like to hear from families with two working parents. I can understand when one stays home, that parent is probably expected to pick up most of the household duties. But if both are working and only one picks up the majority of house stuff, how’s that work out? Of course there’s going to be stress. And probably resentment. And feelings of stabby stabby stabby.

How do you juggle household duties in a house where both parents work? Does the mom still pick up most of the slack?

*photo credit: NPR story.

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