12 Terms to Know for Wannabe Winos

12 Terms to Know for Wannabe WinosMy trip to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival earlier this month reminded me of my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to wine. I’m that woman at the bar ordering either white or red, getting the annoyed look from the bartender. In fact, I’ve been known to order wine based on cold or warm. No, really.

If you, like me, ever find yourself in a Pretty Woman situation where you need to know a term or two about wine, I’ve got your back. Check out the 12 terms to know for wannabe winos! You have until the fall of 2014 when you attend the 2014 Food & Wine Festival to memorize each of these terms so that you can sound knowledgeable while sipping fine wines from around the world!

  • Aeration: the deliberate addition of oxygen to wine. When discussing the aeration of your wine, do not fan under your arms and say, “It’s a hot one here at Epcot today! I could use some aeration!”
  • Aging: holding wine in barrels to perfect the flavor. If the sommelier refers to aging during your wine tasting, don’t take offense. He’s not talking about you.
  • Aroma: smell of the wine. When discussing aroma during your wine tasting, refer to the wine in your glass and not the company you’re keeping. See aeration.
  • Balance: when the elements of the wine all come together perfectly. It is equally important that you also do not lose your balance while tasting wines around the world.
  • Bitter: taste sensation caused by tannins in the wine. When too much alcohol is consumed, bitterness can also begin to emerge in people. Enjoy with caution!
  • Brut: referring to dry champagnes and sparkling wines. You may also use this term to refer to your date when he cuts in front of you in line at Maelstrom.
  • Complex: a wine with a variety of odors, flavors, and nuances. Navigating from one food and beverage market to another can also be complex. Plan ahead!
  • Foxy: must odor & flavor of wines made from vitis labrusca. What does the fox say? Pour me another glass of foxy wine!
  • Full-bodied: wine high in alcohol and flavors. You will also feel full-bodied after a day sampling food and wine from around the world.
  • Mature: wine that is ready to drink. Knowing these terms will also help you sound mature while you taste mature wines.
  • Vintage: the year in which wine is bottled. Have older guests with you? Even if they’ve been aged to maturity, it’s not okay to refer to them as vintage.
  • Yield: the productivity of a vineyard. When your foxy date is being a brut and cutting in line, sometimes you just have to be the more mature one and yield to avoid a bitter dispute and keep the balance.

Bottoms up!

Photo by Uncalno.

Article Posted 2 years Ago
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