A Perfect Match: Jessica Chastain as Brave's Merida in New Disney Parks Ad



Annie Leibovitz has done it again! In her newest epic ad for Disney Parks, she captured a glorious Jessica Chastain channeling the one and only Merida from Disney Pixar’s Brave.

This is the first time a Pixar character has been portrayed in Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portrait series, and it’s an epically beautiful one at that. From the dress, the stance, the horse, and of course Jessica Chastain’s long and glorious red hair, every detail is magical. Disney continues to do an amazing job at the human casting of their animated characters — Jessica Chastain as Merida is a perfect match. She really did capture Merida’s confidence, power, and beauty in her portrayal.

The ad, which has the tagline “Where your destiny awaits,” will be in the February issue of O The Oprah Magazine, available later this month.

Photo Source: Disney Parks Blog


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