Disney Infinity's Gadgets Are Going to Exist in Real Life


Disney Infinity Gadgetorium | BabbleFoam Hand Prank, Jet Pack, TP Launcher, Hoverboard – we can’t get enough of the gadgets in Disney Infinity’s Toybox. So how cool would it be if they existed in REAL LIFE? Enter Disney Infinity’s Gadgetorium.

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Housed on Facebook, it’s where brainy Disney gadget-ologists show off gadgets in action, giving fans an idea of how they’ll work in the game.

What’s more, fans can vote on their gadgetry faves. The gadget with the highest number of votes will be created. For real.

Pretty sure we’ve all been waiting for the hoverboard to become a thing since Marty McFly and Back to the Future, but still. Excited to see how they do it.

Photo credit: Disney Interactive 

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