Disney-Inspired Eye Makeup Designs: Get the Look!


Ever since Pinterest became popular, we’ve noticed a lot more beauty designs. From nail art to hair styles to makeup, there is no lack of ‘how to achieve a certain look’ on the internet. The same goes for Disney-inspired beauty. We’ve found so many magical makeup artists, and we are happy to be introducing you to one today. Meet Cecilie, aka Glitter Girl C. If anyone needs convincing that makeup is an art form, they can just take one look at her designs. She does amazing creations, but it was her Disney eye makeup designs that captured our hearts.

We asked Cecilie how/when she got into makeup. Here is what she had to say:

“I’ve always liked wearing makeup, but I didn’t start doing more artsy makeup looks until December of 2010. I had watched some tutorials on YouTube and fallen in love with the art of makeup! I love how you can express yourself through makeup, add the colors, textures and accessories that represent you! Applying different, bright colors and glitter to my eyes make me happy, so when I started sharing my looks on different makeup communities in 2011, I was so happy to see that people liked my looks! That made me want to learn and experiment even more with makeup and after a while I started my blog, then a Facebook page and now my YouTube channel and Instagram page. Now, I’ve started a new Disney series and this time it’s inspired by the characters in “Mickey Mouse’s Universe.” I’ve just always loved Disney series and movies and I also often watch the Disney channel, so this is a part of me that I like to express through makeup!”

Learn how to create these Disney-inspired makeup looks from the artist who created them, through photos and video tutorials.

  • Disney-Inspired Makeup 1 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Eye Makeup Looks.

    Learn how to get these 14 Disney-inspired eye makeup looks. 

    Watch the step-by-step video tutorials on Glitter Girl C's YouTube channel. 

  • Ariel 2 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    You could be "part of her world" if you use this Ariel eye makeup tutorial. Make a splash with this tribute to The Little Mermaid! Fin-tastic!

    Get the look with this Ariel Video Tutorial.

  • Ursula 3 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    This purple bedazzled eye makeup is an incredible tribute to one of the scariest creatures in the sea. From the pearlized tentacles to the jeweled eyebrow, you're sure to impress people with your looks more than your voice.

    Get the look with this Ursula Video Tutorial.

  • Snow White 4 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    With a big red bow on top (so cute), the colors of yellow, blue, and red come together to make the perfect Snow White eye makeup.

    Get the look with this Snow White Video Tutorial.

  • Evil Queen 5 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    This eye makeup is topped with a crown, the perfect finishing touch for the Queen of Mean herself. 

    Get the look with this Evil Queen Video Tutorial.

  • Cinderella 6 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    Put blue, white, and silver together and what do you got? Bippity bobbity boo — an instant Cinderella look, no fairy godmother needed!

    See the look and what makeup was used to create this Cinderella-inspired look.

  • Evil Stepmother 7 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    Dark violet shadows and sparkles will help you pull off this evil look. We think this look is frighteningly beautiful.

    Get the look with this Evil Stepmother Video Tutorial.

  • Captain Hook 8 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    The color combination on this design is awesome! But our favorite part is the eyebrow, complete with a hook! A pirate's life for me!

    Get the look with this Captain Hook Video Tutorial.

  • Peter Pan 9 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    Apply this Peter Pan-inspired look, and it's off to Neverland you go! Hey Tink, pixie dust away!

    Get this look with this Peter Pan Video Tutorial.

  • Aladdin 10 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    A whole new world, and a whole new look for you! Use these bright colors and purple lashes to achieve the ultimate look for Prince Ali — you ain't never had a look like this!

    Get the look with this Aladdin Video Tutorial.

  • Jafar 11 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    The Arabian nights will never look better! When you show up with this gold-lined makeup, people will think a genie granted your wish to look like a fabulous villian!

    Get the look with this Jafar Video Tutorial.

  • Alice in Wonderland 12 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    Down, down, down the rabbit hole you go. Follow the White Rabbit and try this blue Alice in Wonderland-inspired makeup!

    Get the look with this Alice in Wonderland Video Tutorial.

  • Mad Hatter 13 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    These neon bright colors are sure to be a hit at the tea party or on your unbirthday! Our favorite part about this look is that each eyelid is a different color. We're all mad here! 

    Get the look with this Mad Hatter Video Tutorial.

  • Queen of Hearts 14 of 15
    Must See Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks.

    Get this look right, or it's "off with your head!" We just love the heart-shaped eyebrows! (Cecilie says that you must have patience when trying this look. Each eyebrow took her about 30 mins — whoa!)

    Get the look with this Queen of Hearts Video Tutorial.


  • Cheshire Cat 15 of 15
    Must See Disney-inspired Eye makeup Designs - Learn How To Get the Look!

    One of our favorites! This look transforms you into the Cheshire Cat, a pink and purple striped cat with a devious, mischievous personality. You won't want this look to disappear!


    More from Cecilie: "My favorite Disney design and my overall favorite is my Cheshire Cat look! I love the shape of it, the colors, the Cheshire Cat pattern, the purple "whiskers" and the glitter. You would think all of these things put together would look like too much, but it actually turned out great!"

    Get the look with this Cheshire Cat Video Tutorial.


Thanks to the lovely @GlitterGirlC for letting us showcase her gorgeous designs! We love her!

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