Disney Planes: Meet the High Flying Characters and the Voice Cast Behind Them

Disney’s Planes is coming in for a landing this Friday, offering fans a chance to travel high above the world of Cars alongside Dusty Crophopper, a small town crop-duster with big dreams of becoming a racing plane.

One problem. He has a fear of heights.

Dusty will have to work hard – with some help from his friends – to overcome his fears while reaching new heights, and my kids and I can’t wait to see how it all pans out. We’re heading into the city tonight to catch an advanced screening of the high-flying Cars spinoff – the first in what will become a Planes trilogy – and my all-things-Lightning-and-Mater fanatic has had me poring over character photos with him for weeks now.


And, though I heart his excitement, mine is piqued when delving into something a little more behind the scenes – the voice actors.

To that end, meet the high flying main characters and the voice cast behind them:

  • Disney Planes takes flight! 1 of 29
    Disney Planes

    They've got the flight stuff.

  • Bravo and Echo 2 of 29

    Bravo and Echo are two fighter jets who will always help a plane in a jam. Click to see who plays them. Hint: It's a Top Gun reunion of sorts.

  • Anthony Edwards + Val Kilmer 3 of 29
    Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer

    Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer played the high-flying jets - kind of obvious by Bravo and Echo's accessories, don't you think? Well played, DisneyToon. Well played.

  • Bulldog 4 of 29

    A Monty Python legend lends his voice to this veddy British aeroplane. Can you guess who? Click...

  • John Cleese 5 of 29
    John Cleese

    John Cleese brings his classic Britishness to tough Bulldog, who's really just a softie under all his stodgy English swagger.

  • Chug 6 of 29

    This fuel truck co-owns and operates Chug and Dottie's Fill 'n Fly service station. He's also a guy's guy, making the actor who plays him the obvious voice choice. Click through to see who it is...

  • Brad Garrett 7 of 29
    Brad Garrett

    Who else but Brad Garrett?

  • Colin Cowling 8 of 29

    Affable blimp Colin Cowling attended the prestigious Zeppelin Broadcasting School and began his career as the play-by-play voice for the Pacific Coast Balloon. Can you guess who provided his voice? Click to see if you're right...

  • Colin Cowherd 9 of 29
    Colin Cowherd

    ESPN Radio broadcaster Colin Cowherd plays the play-by-play-loving blimp. Good fit, no?

  • Dottie 10 of 29

    Dottie is a plucky little forklift - and Dusty's good friend - who co-owns and operates Chug and Dottie's Fill 'n Fly service station. Can you guess who plays her? It's all in those warm brown eyes.

  • Teri Hatcher 11 of 29
    Teri Hatcher

    Terri Hatcher brings a mix of seriousness and sass that make Dottie the forklift you want as your friend. Well, you know. As far as forklifts go.

  • Dusty 12 of 29

    Dusty is your classic underdog. The small-town country boy with dreams of doing big things. Do you recognize his voice? It helps you like Comedy Central specials. 

  • Dane Cook 13 of 29
    Dane Cook

    Dane Cook voices the little cropduster from Propwash Junction, a choice I had feelings about early on. That being said, this interview from Fandango has me feeling better.

  • El Chupacabra 14 of 29

    the legendary El Chupacabra - known as "El Chu" flies with more heart and dramatic flair than is recommended at high altitudes. He even has his own Twitter account! The actor behind him is just as colorful too.

  • Carlos Alazraqui 15 of 29
    Carlos Alazrzqui

    Carlos Alazraqui is a comedian, impressionist, voice actor and singer, making him kind of perfect for playing the most flamboyant plane ever.

  • Ishani 16 of 29

    My son's favorite plane is the reigning Pan-Asian champion from India. She's easy on the eyes for sure but ruthless in the skies. I'm also convinced she hypnotizes other planes with her beautiful singing, provided by a bonafied Bollywood star.

  • Priyanka Chopra 17 of 29
    Priyanka Chopra

    Stunning in human form too.

  • Leadbottom 18 of 29

    This puttering old biplane is a curmudgeony taskmaster. You know, the tank half empty type. Can you guess who plays him? Click...

  • Cedric the Entertainer 19 of 29
    Cedric the Entertainer

    Who else but Cedric the Entertainer to give the proud old cropduster his gumption?

  • Ned and Zed 20 of 29

    These two goons spend their days doing Ripslinger's bidding. They're not the smartest henchmen, but they might just be the meanest. Only one actor lends his voice to the airborne bullies. Click to find out who...

  • Gabriel Iglesias 21 of 29
    Gabriel Iglesias

    Gabriel Iglesias has the comedic chops to play the two saboteurs and brings his own brand of silliness to the screen.

  • Ripslinger 22 of 29

    Ripslinger is the Chick Hicks of the air. The custom-built carbon-fiber plane doesn't like to lose, and he's perfectly ok with letting others know it... the hard way. So who plays him? Click...

  • Roger Craig Smith 23 of 29
    Roger Craig Smith

    The well known voice actor plays Spider-Man in Disney XD's upcoming series Avengers Assemble, so hey, why not play a plane too?

  • Rochelle 24 of 29

    Rochelle is a tough racer and the pride of the Great White North. Her confidence makes her seem even more comely and capable. All reasons El Chu's falls in love at first sight. So who plays her? Click...

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus 25 of 29
    Julia Luis-Dreyfus

    Her French accent c'est magnifique!

  • Roper 26 of 29

    This irascible race official pitty delivers the rules for the North American Wings Around the Globe time trials with a matter-a-fact personality and his own two cents. Regardless of whether or not anyone wants his opinion.

  • Sinbad 27 of 29

    Nailed it!

  • Skipper 28 of 29

    A reclusive old Navy Corsair, Skipper was an ace flier and top instructor of the esteemed Jolly Wrenches squadron until an incident during a combat mission took him off the front lines and left him grounded for life. Now, he spends his days being Dusty's confidante and mentor - like Planes' version of Doc Hudson. So who voices him? Click to find out...

  • Stacy Keach 29 of 29
    Stacy Keach

    If his voice was more gravelly, you'd swear you were listening to Paul Newman. Still, great choice to bring that sense of nostalgia and wisdom full circle.

Photo credits: DisneyToon Studios, Pacific Coast News, Wikimedia Commons (Georges Biard, Angela George, Bert Sanchez, Susanne)

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