Disney Villain Makeover: Looks to Inspire for Halloween


They’re mean, they’re nasty, they’re downright evil. We’re talking about Disney Villains! These dreadful characters go out of their way to make everyone around them miserable. That’s why Halloween, the holiday that celebrates everything creepy is the perfect time to pay tribute to them! Check out these frightful makeup designs that are inspired by Disney Villains. Whether Maleficent, Cruella de Vil or the Queen of Hearts is your favorite Diva of Darkness, you are sure to look wicked with these malicious makeovers.

Some of our favorite pins on Pinterest are of Disney-inspired looks. Did you see these 25 Disney Movie Nail Art Ideas or Disney-Inspired Eye Makeup Designs we shared last month? Follow us on Pinterest!

  • Disney Villain MakeUp 1 of 7
    Disney Villain Makeover - Get these frightful looks for Halloween!

    Planning on being a Disney Villain for Halloween this year? We've found some devilishly divine looks of pure Disney magic to inspire you!

  • Cruella De Vil 2 of 7
    Disney Villian Makeover - Get the Look for Halloween

    "Cruella De Vil. Cruella De Vil. If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will." Puppies and people beware of this look with black and white spots as a intimidating reminder of the Dalmations that she desires.


  • Maleficent 3 of 7
    Disney Villian Makeover - Get The Look for Halloween

    Maleficent is one of the scariest Disney Villians of all time. This look of heavy black eyeliner with purple and green sparkles helps to capture this evil look perfectly.

  • Queen of Hearts 4 of 7
    Disney Villian Makeover - Get The Look for Halloween

    Only the Queen of Hearts could make a heart be something to shudder at. Red, black and yellow help to pull this villainous look off... Good thing or it'd be "Off with your head!"

  • Queen Grimhilde 5 of 7
    Disney Villian Makeover - Get The Look for Halloween

    Mirror Mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest one of all. With these gorgeous colors of purple and gold even Snow White has to admit to the Evil Queen's undeniable beauty, no matter how vile her personality is.

  • Morgana 6 of 7
    Disney Villian Makeover - Get The Look for Halloween

    This Disney Villian may be less known than some of the other's featured here, but with her gruesome green hues and the horrifying black tenticles, we can see why Morgana is an evil witch of the sea & Ariel's nightmare!

  • Queen Tremaine 7 of 7
    Disney Villian Makeover - Get The Look for Halloween

    This wicked stepmother is the classic Disney Villian who made Cinderella's life miserable. Deep shades of purple help to create this loathsome look of Lady Tremaine.


Special thanks to Katelynn Rose, a professional make-up artist from Romania for allowing us to share her images and makeup magic! For more of her makeup styles like her Facebook page, she’s also on DeviantArt.

The items in this post are not officially affiliated with the Disney brand. 


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