Disney's Planes: Yes, I Tried to Play Terri Hatcher Playing Dottie


planesFirst, I should give a wee-bit of full disclosure. I am not scared of the mic. I am talkative, outgoing and love to hear myself talk (to the anguish of those who live with me…I am a chatterbox). So being put in front of a microphone at the DisneyToon Studios to  in the heart of Burbank, did not phase me. In fact, I relished every second of it.

The occasion? A group of gregarious bloggers were given the opportunity to give our our spin on Teri Hatcher’s character Dottie in the upcoming flick Disney’s Planes. From “above the world of Cars,” Terri Hatcher plays the sensible, lovable and completely rational Dottie, a mechanic at Chug and Dottie’s Fill ‘n Fly service station.

So, how did I do? There is a reason I have a day job. I am far more talented with my fingers on the keyboard than with my voice being taped. Being in the recording booth may not have been intimidating for me, but it is a tougher gig than it looks. Acting in a booth with headphones and a script ain’t as easy as it looks. The experience really made me appreciate what voice over artists, and stars who do these voice only roles, do for a living. It may be just your voice, but your whole being is involved in the process.  And Terri Hatcher? She nailed it. She IS Dottie.

Check out my take on Dottie right here:

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Disney’s Planes opens on August 9th everywhere!



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