Happy Birthday, Club Penguin!


club penguin, cp, polo field, birthdayHere’s the thing. We were busy. There were family issues and the pending pressures of Halloween, and for a moment we slipped off the calendar and I forgot to wish Club Penguin a happy birthday. Yes, Club Penguin turned 8 years old on October 24, and this is my belated card to them.

Can you ever forgive me, Club Penguin?

Of course they can, who can resist this face?

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Club Penguin has been around for eight years and my boys have been decorating igloos for three of them. I can’t speak for everyone IN THE WORLD, but I do know that every time my boys played Club Penguin during those three years they have enjoyed themselves immensely. They still do! Multiply that by all the kids that play Club Penguin, allow for the difference in years, and I’m pretty sure that equals a whole lot of happiness.

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So, yes, I’m late with the birthday wishes, but I think a sincere thank you is always in order. You are off to a fantastic start, Club Penguin, and we are all looking forward to what the next year may bring.

Is there any cake left?


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