Home Sweet Haunted Mansion: 13 Photos of My Room Inspired by the Disney Attraction

“When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls. Whenever candlelights flicker, where the air is deathly still. That is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight. Welcome foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion! I am your host, your ghost host.” Spoken in Paul Frees’ voice, I know this phrase all too well. Yep! I’m a Haunted Mansion fan…

I’ve loved the attraction for as long as I can remember, so much so that I have a whole room in my home dedicated to the ghostly retreat. With Friday the 13th just around the corner, I’m very excited to share with you 13 photos of my Home Sweet Haunted Mansion, otherwise known as my office/guest room.

Beware of hitchhiking ghosts!

  • Home Sweet Haunted Mansion 1 of 14
    Haunted Mansion Collage2

    SO many happy haunts in this fun Haunted Mansion-themed room!

  • 1. The Wallpaper 2 of 14
    Haunted Mansion Wall Paper

    You can't have a Haunted Mansion room without the iconic purple Haunted Mansion wallpaper. It's been a dream of mine forever to have this in my home, and on Mother's Day 2012, my husband surprised me with enough rolls to make this dream come true. An artist friend of ours recreated the pattern, and we had it custom printed.  The "wallpaper" pillow on the bed though is Disney Parks Merchandise, and you can get one right here! The backside says "Tomb Sweet Tomb."

  • 2. The Plaque 3 of 14
    Haunted Mansion Plaque

    A replica of The Haunted Mansion entrance plaque is a must-have piece. I found this little gem on eBay.

  • 3. Stretching Portraits 4 of 14
    Haunted Mansion Stretching Portraits

    I ordered the full set of stretching portraits from the Art on Demand kiosk at the World of Disney in Downtown Disney. Art on Demand kiosks can be found at multiple locations at the Disneyland Resort. I know there is also one at the Disney Gallery on Main Street in Disneyland and at Off the Page in Disney California Adventure. They were the largest size that could be printed on canvas, and I LOVE them. We created a little framed area to make the portraits stand out against the wallpaper. For more information about Disney's Art on Demand, check out this post from the Disney Parks Blog.

  • 4. Attraction Poster 5 of 14
    Haunted Mansion Attraction Poster

    There's those Hitchhiking Ghosts! They've been dying to meet you at the Haunted Mansion. I snagged this vintage attraction poster while on vacation in Orlando from Theme Park Connection. It originally hung in Disneyland, and I'm so happy to be its owner. The Haunted Mansion blanket on the couch is Disney Parks Merchandise and can be purchased here.

  • 5. Trick or Treat Door Hanger 6 of 14
    Haunted Mansion Door Hanger

    I love this little "Trick or Treat" door hanger that incorporates Mickey into the Haunted Mansion design. I picked it up at Disneyland last year, but I've already seen them at the resort this year at World of Disney in Downtown Disney. They are also available online. It's meant to be Halloween merchandise, but I leave mine up year round!

  • 6. Madame Leota & Friends 7 of 14
    Madame Leota and Friends

    The Haunted Mansion has to have a Madame Leota! This fun snow globe is Disney Parks Merch. It's full of glitter, lights up, and the back side is covered with the Haunted Mansion wallpaper. You can find it for sale here. The Master Gracey (who is named after Imagineer Yale Gracey, the creator of many of the Haunted Mansion's effects) tombstone is one from a set of three, also Parks merchandise. And that cute little bat stanchion? It's a perfect mini replica of the ones that top the brass posts as you wait to board your Doom Buggy. It was an eBay find. 

  • 7. Spooky Lighting 8 of 14
    Haunted Mansion Candelabra

    This fun candelabra, which features a bat in its center, dangling "crystals," and some very Hidden Mickeys around its base, makes for some perfect mood lighting. It's park merchandise for Halloween, but just like the door hanger, this stays out all year long! It can be purchased online here. The "candles" are battery powered and actually flicker. I got them on Amazon. The two mini tombstones are the second two from my package of three.  

  • 8. Stretching Portrait Coasters 9 of 14
    Stretching Portrait Coasters

    Every drink should be lucky enough to rest in peace on a Haunted Mansion stretching portrait coaster. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this coaster set that I bought on Etsy

  • 9. Doom Buggy Blueprint 10 of 14
    Haunted Mansion Doom Buggy Blueprint

    In case I ever need to build my own Doom Buggy, I've got this Acme Sketchplate Attraction Design framed and ready to read! It features blueprints and design sketches from the attractions design team. Imagineers listed on the piece include Ken Anderson as the project lead, Rolly Crump and Yale Gracey on special effects, and X Atencio in charge of the story script. I'm not sure why Marc Davis and Claude Coats are not listed — maybe because they came on board to the project after the concept had already been in development. This piece was purchased a few years back from Off the Page in Disney California Adventure. There were only 1000 made, so they haven't been in the store for quite some time. It's a metal rectangular plate that I matted and framed myself. 

  • 10. Bat Stanchion Curtain Tie Backs 11 of 14
    Haunted Mansion Curtain Tie Backs

    I wanted a clever way to be able to tie back the curtains in this room, so I bought a few Haunted Mansion Bat Stanchion pin lanyard medallions and converted them into just what I was looking for! I bought them a while back, so I'm not sure if they are still sold in the parks, but at one time these "O-Pin House" pieces were available at all the main pin selling spots. I do know you can still find them on eBay.

  • 11. Haunted Mansion Themed Disney Parks Merchandise 12 of 14
    More Haunted Mansion Goodies

    All of these items add to the fun of the desk in this room. Each piece is current Disney Parks Merchandise, and I've filled the frames with some of our Halloween photos from last year. Yep, we were all characters from the Haunted Mansion. The hour glass can be found here, the oval frames here, the glass serving dish is great too, and I'm obsessed with the Madame Leota music box! I have two of the gargoyle candelabras, and I purchased the purple candles from Target.

  • 12. This and That 13 of 14
    Misc Haunted Mansion Items

    Haunted Mansion Holiday is seasonal, but I love it so much that I wanted a little piece of it in this room as well. I found this amazing wreath at Disneyana on Main Street (now, sadly closed) in Disneyland about a year ago. I'm not sure if they are still available, but if they are, my bet would be on either the Disney Gallery on Main Street or World of Disney in Downtown Disney carrying them. The bat hook on the top right was a gift from a friend; it's an antique from the early 1900s. The Haunted Mansion key chain hanging from it can be purchased at the cart just outside of the Haunted Mansion. The framed piece on the bottom left is one of my most prized possessions. It's a framed rose from the actual display that was once in the Haunted Mansion. The artwork on top is the progression of the decaying roses artwork by Marc Davis. I was given this as a take-away gift when I attended the Marc Davis Centennial Dinner inside the Haunted Mansion last March. The vintage Haunted Mansion game in the bottom right was an eBay score. It's from 1975 and is in excellent condition!

  • 13. The Family Portrait 14 of 14
    Haunted Mansion Family Portrait

    Last year for Halloween, my family, along with another family and some friends, all dressed as Haunted Mansion characters. Here we've got my family in front of the Haunted Mansion with me as the Stretching Room Tightrope Walker, my boys as Hitch Hiking Ghosts, and my husband as one of the Dueling Gunmen. I found this amazing vintage frame with bubbled glass at an antique show. It's the perfect finishing touch for my Home Sweet Haunted Mansion!

Are you obsessed with a specific Disney attraction? Do you have any Disney-themed rooms in your home?

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