Is Disneyland Haunted?


We’ve heard dozens of stories about the ghosts that ride alongside us at Disneyland. Recently, we took to the park, asking ourselves one question: is Disneyland haunted?

There are several locations in the park that are the focus of speculation. Tales of haunting abound … from Pirates of the Caribbean (the galleries above are rumored to be haunted by Walt himself!) to the Haunted Mansion (a young boy who loved the ride is said to haunt the exit!).

While we love to re-tell these stories and evoke chills, I’ve never personally felt the presence of ghosts during our frequent visits to the park. Any and all spirits we’ve encountered have been of the friendly, high spirits variety. Even after reading Kingdom Keepers with my kids and preparing ourselves to be spooked, we have not had any other-worldly experiences that cause the hair on the back of our necks to stand up. Perhaps that is because the hair was already stuck straight after riding Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy?

We did our best to spy some ghosts on our recent trip.
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I have been public about believing in ghosts, however, so I’m not ruling these hauntings out just yet!

There’s some great speculation about Disneyland hauntings on the web, some of which have become urban legend and debunked on Snopes. Haunted Honeymoon shares some interesting Disneyland ghost stories. Makes me want to wear my ectoplasm proof suit the next time I go!

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