It's That Time of the Year: Shopping for Our Christmas Tree


DSC00113Do you have a tradition when it comes to picking out or setting up your Christmas tree? Whether you choose a live tree that you cut down or a fake tree that you put up every year, this holiday tradition is one that is anticipated by families all year long, and my family is no exception.

For as long as I can remember, my family has shopped for our Christmas tree on the 1st of December. Year after year, we’ve always done the same thing. We used to have a specific tree lot where we always went, but several years ago, that tree lot closed down. Now, we all do our own thing, but the tradition of going on the first day of December still stays the same. It’s a tradition that I’ve continued to carry on with my own family.

This year though, my husband has been working long hours and hasn’t had a day off in a while, so we had to delay our trip to the tree lot by a few days. Nevertheless, the experience was still magical. This year, I have a surprise for my kids. Last month, I nonchalantly asked them to name their favorite Disney character. Then, I chose Disney ornaments of their favorite characters to decorate the tree. This weekend, I’m heading to Disneyland to pick out 5 special ornaments and have them personalized at the resort.

I’m very excited for us to start decorating our tree, but in the meantime, I can always look back at the fun we had picking it out …