Our Family’s Quest for the Perfect Halloween Pumpkin


I love the fall: the crispness in the air, the changing color of the leaves, and all the traditions that our family holds dear. One of my absolute favorite things that we do each and every year is going on our annual search for the perfect Halloween pumpkin — a quest we take very seriously.

We don’t just  grab one of the pumpkins from the gigantic boxes in front of the supermarket. No, we go straight to the source. We make the trek to the gorgeous town of Half Moon Bay in Northern California for the Arata Pumpkin Farm, which has offered pumpkins since 1932. And it’s not just picking out the perfect pumpkin that draws us here; it’s also the hay play structures, the corn maze, and the search for the mysterious Minotaur — yes, a Minotaur!

Check out our great pumpkin search adventure here:

Photo Source: Sunny Chanel and Kevin Chanel