The Charity Project That Has Taught My Daughter to Give Thanks


chickI’ve been working with my daughter on not only being thankful for all the things she has (a comfortable room, a loving family, food, an American Girl doll — you know, the essentials), but I’ve also been trying to introduce the concept of charity.

My daughter is just 7, but I wanted to make sure she knows the importance of giving back, even at her young age, and helping those who aren’t as fortunate as she is. I found that there weren’t many options for getting a second-grader involved in philanthropic endeavors. But that all changed when we got the Heifer International catalog in the mail. She could buy a goat for someone in a faraway land. My daughter suddenly had a mission, a goal, and a way to marry creativity and charity with a concept that was easy for her to understand and accomplish. And boy, is she proud of her project.

So what did we do? Check out our story right here:

Photo Source: Sunny Chanel

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