Where's My Mickey? is Mobile App Fun!


Where's My Mickey?First we couldn’t find our water, which, to be fair, wasn’t our fault—those pipes are old and the sewers are full of gas, ice, fire, and alligators. Water took some wrong turns.

Then we couldn’t find Perry, and that’s okay. Perry the Platypus is always wandering off on Phineas and Ferb, and he’s their pet. If they can’t keep track of him then how could we? What do we look like? Secret agents?

But now we have lost Mickey, and that one is on us. It’s Mickey Mouse, people, let’s find him!

Oh, there you are, Mickey.

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The new Where’s My Mickey? mobile app is the latest adventure in the Where’s My? franchise, and it stars Mickey Mouse and his friends in a world filled with humorous animation, challenging weather mechanics, and, according to the game description, “life-like physics-based gameplay.” Players will watch episodes of a classic-style Mickey inspired by the new series on Disney Channel, and solve puzzles by swiping, tapping, and spinning. Also, thinking.

Where’s My Mickey? is a lot of fun and available now on iTunes for only 99₵. That’s less than a dollar!


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