Which is YOUR #DisneySide?


photo copyI’ve been giving a whole lot of thought about my “Disney Side.” Is it my left side? Is it my right side? And how many “Disney Sides” do I have? Do I have just two, or perhaps I am more like a square with four Disney Sides? But knowing my deep-seeded love for all things Disney I probably have enough sides to create an octagon, a decagon or even a enneadecagon*.

On Tuesday Disney Parks invited a slew of well-known Internet personalities – from Grumpy Cat, to Ridiculously Photogenic Guy to our pal Charlie Capen of How to Be a Dad– who all shared their #DisneySide at the Social Media All-Stars #DisneySide World Premiere at Disneyland park.

So you might ask – what is the #DisneySide? It’s that side of you that magically turns into a 7-year-old again when you visit the Magic Kingdom. It’s that side of you that plans out your entire ride itinerary before you hit the park.  It’s that side of you that proudly wears your Mickey Mouse ears the entire day and spends hours going through the shops on Main Street to stock up for your closet, your kid’s playroom and your kitchen. It’s the side of you that documents the entire day from the opening of the gates to the fireworks at night. It’s the side of you that instead of being your kid’s caregiver you transform to their best friend. It’s that side of you that embraces the wonder, the magic and surprises that are waiting for you there. It’s a strong force that #DisneySide and I love each and every angle.

Check out this wonderful collection of #DisneySide personas on Disneyland’s Facebook page right here.  Which one are you?

*Yeah, I had to look that one up. A enneadecagon is a 19-sided polygon.

Photo Source: Sunny Chanel



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