Who Was That Masked App?


Lone Ranger appIf you said Disney’s The Lone Ranger, then congratulations, you’re smart. That’s right, the summer hit The Lone Ranger is riding into the app store of your choice with all kinds of epic showdowns, fighting of injustice, and all the thrilling adventures your thumbs can handle as you try to protect the town of Colby in this 3D role-playing adventure.

Players must interact with outlaws and allies on a journey to stomp out greed and corruption in the wild, wild west, which, apparently, really existed. The more you know!

It’s basically the best chance that you’re going to have at becoming a legend of justice without actually getting off your smartphone or tablet. Take the win.


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The Lone Ranger app is rated 12+ due to a bunch of stuff, but mostly for infrequent suggestive themes, some mild gambling, and intense cartoon fantasy violence, or as I like to call it: Tuesday. It is available for free at the iTunes App Store and Google Play, respectively.


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