Disney Bought Rights for Indiana Jones — Will There Be a New Movie?


61xKUPB15oL-1As if the Star Wars franchise wasn’t enough, the Walt Disney Company just bought themselves something very nice for the holiday season — the Indiana Jones franchise. It was announced on Friday that Disney has acquired the distribution and marketing rights for future films that were previously owned by Paramount. They had already owned the “ownership rights,” but now they can take that ownership and do something with it.

So what does this mean new purchase mean? Does that mean more Indiana Jones movies? We don’t know yet, but it sounds like that could indeed be a possibility. And you know what? The 71-year-old Harrison Ford is ready to take on the role of Indy yet again!

”I would love to make another Indiana Jones film … It would be great to return to the character, even at my age,” he said to a French TV station. “I would certainly be happy to play Indiana Jones one more time. I don’t have the hat and the whip, but I know where I can find them!”

I, for one, would LOVE to see another Indiana Jones movie, and it’ll be interesting to see what Disney does with the franchise. Would you like to see another Indy film? Do you think Ford should return as the lead?

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