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Easy Easter Crafts Egg Hunt Cupcakes


Your kids will love decorating these cupcakes to look like an Easter egg hunt with candy eggs hidden in the grass.

  • Supplies:


  • Unfrosted cupcakes (from a box or homemade)
  • Frosting colored with green food dye (store-bought or homemade)
  • Piping or Ziploc bag
  • Cake decorating tip #233 (available at all craft stores)
  • Candy eggs or jelly beans
  • How To:

  • Fill piping bag or Ziploc bag (fitted with decorating tip) with frosting.
  • Hold bag to cupcake surface and squeeze gently, then lift off, to create “grass.”
  • Place candy eggs or jelly beans “in the grass” to decorate.

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