25 Years Later: The Cast of Big!

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the movie Big. Much of the cast of Big has stayed in the limelight with movie role after movie role, but did you ever wonder where Billy Kopecki ended up?! I’ve always wondered what I would have done if I had been granted a Josh Baskin-sized Big wish. The kid is tired of being bossed around and craves the freedom of being an adult. In a completely magical moment, he is not only granted the wish of adulthood, but is also plonked into a grown-up life that ROCKS.

Mike Ryan, the senior entertainment reporter at Huffington Post, wrote about his conflicting personal emotions he felt as a kid watching Big, and I am so with him: Josh Baskin made the wrong choice! Everything about Mike’s essay resonated with me, but this just sums it all up:

“When Baskin became an adult, he had no credit background, work history and very little education. And yet he made it remarkably far, career-wise, in a very short amount of time. I would say that, after turning 12 again, his chances of working his way up to an executive position at MacMillan toys by age 30 became very remote. He had his dream job, had a huge Soho apartment and was dating Elizabeth Perkins — even in 1988, I knew that was a pretty good deal. Why anyone would want to return to a life of being mocked at the carnival and hanging out with Billy Kopecki was beyond me. I was living it and could have told you that it sucked.”

Even as a kid, I recognized that every part of Big was a fairy tale. Josh’s stable childhood life was just as much a fantasy as his extravagant grown-up life where he lands a job at a toy company. As a kid who moved around a LOT, I would have wished for either one of those lives at Zoltar.

The Cast of Big: Then and Now

  • Cast of Big: Then and Now 1 of 12
    25th Anniversary of Big: See the cast then and now

    Image Credit: YouTube

  • Tom Hanks as Josh Baskin 2 of 12

    Twenty-five years ago, Tom Hanks was on the cusp of his leading man status in Hollywood. His breakout role in the movie Splash happened just a few years before he was cast in Big, but playing a kid who turns into a man overnight wowed audiences and proved that Tom was going to be on the big screen for a long time. Tom is currently getting rave reviews starring as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks.


    Image Credit: YouTube, PR Photos

  • Elizabeth Perkins as Susan 3 of 12

    Big was only Elizabeth's third film role. She has gone on to star in big budget hits and misses but says her personal favorite role was playing Celia Hodes in Showtime's Weeds. She is currently signed up to work with Jeff Perry (from ABC's Scandal) on a film about the tragic family loss of Ron Moore. You can check out Jeff's Kickstarter for the project: Building Bridges.


    Image Credit: YouTube, PR Photos

  • David Moscow as Josh Baskin 4 of 12

    David's first film role was as young Josh Baskin in Big. In an interview with a friend and former child actress, he shares that, 25 years later, people still associate him with the movie. "Sometimes people shout 'Josh' out loud to get some response but those are mostly drunk jocks at bars trying to look cool in front of their friends. I pretend not to hear. About once a day someone comes up and asks if I'm 'that guy.'"


    Image Credit: YouTube, PR Photos

  • Jared Rushton as Billy Kopecki 5 of 12

    Jared found success as a child star in many high-profile parts. In his mid-twenties, he stepped out of the limelight of acting and started to pursue music. He is now a keyboardist with Deal by Dusk. Watch him perform a cover of "Loser" with his band.


    Image Credit: YouTube, YouTube

  • Robert Loggia as MacMillan 6 of 12

    At 83 years old, Robert Loggia is one seriously busy guy. A steady working actor long before Big came along, Robert has continued to bring his special Loggia "edge" to film and TV. A few years ago, Robert spoke to about his role in the film Harvest. Robert had some powerful words to say about aging: "You don't become a know-it-all because you're 81 years old. You become, at least for me, someone who's given his best effort to wife and children and grandchildren, all of that. You've given it your best shot and I'll see you in heaven, you know?"


    Image Credit: YouTube, PR Photos

  • John Heard as Paul 7 of 12

    John played Paul, the guy that just didn't get what the big deal was with the new guy in Big. I always felt sorry for him in the movie because there was just no way he could really comprehend the magic that was at work. John seems to be in every movie. Seriously. I found a refreshing interview on The Good Men Project where he speaks about his life as a father, and it's worth a read to get to know more about this busy character actor.


    Image Credit: YouTube, PR Photos

  • Jon Lovitz as Scotty Brennen 8 of 12

    Jon Lovitz played Tom Hanks' co-worker at the toy company in Big. He was cast before his big break as a series regular on Saturday Night Live, so this performance has always felt like an understated gem from Jon. 


    Image Credit: YouTube, PR Photos

  • Mercedes Ruehl as Josh’s Mom 9 of 12

    When I recently rewatched Big, I was surprised to see just how small the "mom" role was in it. If they ever do a revisiting of Big or a sequel, they should simply tell the same story from the mom's perspective. A few years ago, Mercedes shared her "mom story" with the New York Times. She is the adoptive mom to a teenager, and the biological mom to a son in his 30s.  


    Image Credit: YouTube, PR Photos

  • Penny Marshall â�� The Director 10 of 12

    Big was the second film Penny Marshall directed. In a new interview in Vanity Fair this month, Penny reveals the shocker: Robert Deniro almost starred in Big! Apparently many actors turned down the role, so she looked to her friend. "I've known Bobby for years. He has a different sense of humor, but he has a sense of humor. It was just that every actor at that point had said, 'No!' So I said, 'Well I'll go with a man man then.'"


    Image Credit: Wikimedia, PR Photos

  • FAO Schwarz Piano 11 of 12

    The New York Post just ran a GREAT story about the longevity of the love of the FAO Schwarz piano that was seen in Big. The piece reveals the store "first installed the colossal clavier in 1982 and has upgraded it with new versions ever since." The actual piano that was used in the movie lives at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. You can get a home version of this piano from FAO Schwarz for $74.99.


    Image Credit: YouTube, FAO Schwarz

  • A SoHo Loft 12 of 12

    According to a Village Voice from the late 1980s, the SoHo loft Tom Hanks decked out with a Pepsi machine and bunk beds would have cost him, roughly, $1,625 a month to rent. A loft of the same size in the same area is currently $10,000 for rent. 


    Image Credit: YouTube, Trulia

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