A Mom Explains The Matrix (video)


conference-09Here’s the cutest and most hilarious video (via Boing Boing). Filmmaker Joe Nicolosi simply asked his mom to tell him about The Matrix. It reminds me so much of my mom who would fall asleep during every video we ever rented (yes, renting videos used to be a thing) and then she would complain that it didn’t make sense. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t like the Matrix. 

Moms are cute, aren’t they? I love the sweet “Thanks, mom” from Nicolosi at the end of this clip. I think it captures how we all feel about our own mom, even when we—just a little bit—make fun of her.

And here’s something to remember: You will become that mom. There’s no way around it. I have a 15-year-old son and even though I’m ultra hip and on top of things, to him I am exactly like the mom in this clip. I’ve described the mechanics of becoming lame before. It’s still happening to me!

At least the end result is kind of endearing.