Baby Vivian is Gisele's Morning Yoga Partner


GiseleJpgIt’s hard to believe that the woman in this picture had that baby just 6 months ago!

Earlier today Gisele posted this sweet shot of her mommy and baby yoga session with daughter Vivian. The caption read, “Practicing Yoga with my little partner before going to work. Enjoy your day!”

I’m not sure whether I’m more jealous of her figure, her home — is that a bowl of fruit next to the orchid? — or her morning routine. The fact that she manages to have such a peaceful one, I mean.

Considering my typical morning involves getting everyone up, fed, and dressed which (regretfully) requires a fair amount of yelling, downing coffee, frantically packing for the day and downing more coffee, this photo seems like an impossible dream.

Gisele has caught some flack for the picture-perfectness of it all. Commenters questioned who took the pic of  the “impromptu” scene. Perhaps it was Tom Brady. Or perhaps he was spending his morning throwing the football with 3-year-old Benjamin.

Either way, the shot is a good reminder, no matter what your schedule may be, to take a minute to slow down before the day begins.

Image via giseleofficial/Instagram


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