Let Brian Eno Soothe You in the Hospital


brianenoYour gut has always told you that lying in a room enhanced with Brian Eno’s soothing ambient music would make you feel better, and science has FINALLY gotten on board with an investigation of this phenomenon.

Get with the program, science.

Surgeon Robin Turner noticed the calming effects of a Brian Eno installation on his mother-in-law who is normally, apparently, something of a flibbertigibbet.

Brian Eno helped Turner create a hospital quiet room where patients can “think, take stock or simply relax.”

It’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Eno was thrilled be involved: “It seemed a natural step for me to take as I’ve been dealing with this idea of functional music for quite a few years.”

Turner intends to examine any physiological changes to people in the Eno room—pulse, blood pressure, anxiety and so on. So far, there is anecdotal evidence that the room helps.

Let me know what they find out. I’ll be chilling in my at-home Bryan Ferry sanctuary.