Call the Midwife is a Great Show


callthemidwifeCall the Midwife is the latest rage from PBS.

All my rages come from PBS because I’m a sophisticated lady. Just like you!

The series is in its 2nd season and you can catch up online or during a marathon.

It takes place in London’s East End during the 1950s. A group of plucky midwives help working-class moms under the tutelage of midwife nun-teachers. Some are fat and some are skinny. Some are boring and some are funny. Some are going senile. They ride bikes everywhere. But the best and cutest thing about this show are the newborn babies, which you practically see coming out.

And all the midwife stuff is totally fascinating and not a little nerve-wracking.

Tune in! It’s not quite as good as Downton Abbey but there are accents and you will learn and care a lot.

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