Carrie Underwood says she doesn't "feel old enough to have kids"


carriecover copy use It’s been nearly three years since the country singer/songwriter married hockey player Mike Fisher — an eternity in the celebrity world — and no doubt the when-is-the-baby-coming? question is swirling around her.

Well, now we have the answer. In a refreshingly self-aware interview in the June issue of Marie Claire, Carrie candidly shares that she is just not ready. “I know I am mature,” she says, “But being responsible for another human?”

That’s right! It is a hard job. Being responsible for another human, I mean. And how fantastic is it that Carrie, who could easily afford to outsource the gig to a stream of nannies what with the $12 million she reportedly earned last year, is honest about her feelings.

She also goes on to say that initially all the post-“American Idol” fame took some getting used to. “At the beginning of my career,” she explains, “I used to have panic attacks. People were touching me, screaming it made me really nervous. In public, I just get nervous. It’s a physical reaction, feeling like the walls are closing in. The fans are great. It’s not their fault. I don’t ever want to come across as ungrateful. But on my end, it is hard for me to process. Because I am still just me.”

Sometimes, with all the glamour and the gorgeous dresses and the incredible confidence she exudes on stage, it is easy to forget that Carrie is just a young woman from Oklahoma — an incredibly talented young woman — who is probably trying to balance the whole work and marriage thing and trying to figure out where a kid may or may not fit into the picture when the time is right.

It will be exciting to see what decisions she makes. At least we know she she has realized many of the goals she’d set out for her self back in high school. Carrie also confessed to Marie Claire that she wrote in her yearbook what she would be doing ten years into the future . . . and she pretty much nailed it. “I will be rich, famous, and married to a hot guy,” she said, “I guess I should have added a few more things.”

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Image courtesy of Marie Claire