Chris and Liam Hemsworth Do "Charlie Bit My Finger" Spoof — We Die


It’s simply impossible to get enough Chris and Liam Hemsworth in your life. From Thor to Catching Fire, they are the dreamiest of Australian siblings. Now they’ve gone and done something hilarious.

Directed by none other than Batman’s Christopher Nolan, the mighty brothers Hemsworth star with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in this epic “Charlie Bit My Finger” spoof on Jimmy Kimmel Live. With undertones of Thor’s dark world, elder brother Chris can’t let go of the pain Liam caused him despite his mother’s pleading that, “It’s been 30 years!” Meryl Streep, you deserve all those awards.

Inexplicably shrouded and monk-like, Tom Hanks warns brother Liam, “He is coming for you.” Tom Hanks, you also deserve most if not all of those awards.

This parody is Chris Hemsworth at his self-mocking best, wisely giving Liam the smaller role and fewer lines. It all builds to the denouement where Chris Hemsworth proclaims to the heavens, “CHARLIE BIT MY FINGER!” Whoops. That was a spoiler. Apologies. Here, see for yourself.

Photo Source: Pacific Coast News