Claire Danes Cry Face is Back! Watch the Homeland Season 3 Trailer


I’ve been trying to distract myself with other shows ever since Homeland signed off Season 2 with the most pyrotechnic finale one could have imagined. But honestly, nothing is working. Showtime has assured us that Season 3 will start on September 29th and thankfully they’ve released this official trailer, which proves that Claire Danes has not slowed down one bit since becoming a new mom.

I suggest watching it over and over — as I have, and will be — to glean the major plot points.

If you can’t wait one more second, some highlights: The map with the colored yarn is back. Someone’s making a bomb — but it’s not who you would think. Carrie is in a hospital gown (again). Brody has an even creepier looking buzz cut. Saul testifies at Senate hearings and… gives Carrie that apology he owed her, after the major I-told-you-so that was Season 2.


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