Coolest Star Trek Prints


Star Trek in general is awesome. Why else would it have endured since 1966 in a variety of TV series and movies?

Star Trek Into the Darkness, in particular, is awesome. JJ Abrams’ 2nd installment of his reboot of the series stays true enough to the original to please diehard fans while adding contemporary flare. (And by that I mean lens flare.)

It’s a great summer movie. I had my own ideas about how Benedict Cumberbatch’s character would play out. And I was right. And I was not disappointed. But there will be no spoilers here. Instead of spoilers, I’ve put together the coolest Star Trek prints I could find. Revel in Trekkiness with me, won’t you?

You know it’s coming . . .  Say it with me . . .  Live long and prosper.