Disney Stars Then and Now — Who Has Changed the Most?


Just like Britney, Justin, and Christina before them, the Disney kids of the early 2000s (Miley, Selena & Co.) have grown into megastars before our eyes. Now they have stylists, trainers, assistants, colorists, lawyers, managers, assistants, and assistants for their assistants. But do you remember what they looked like before all the flash and polish? Some looked, well, a lot like they do now. Others are barely recognizable! Here’s a quick trip down memory lane…


Miley and Vanessa — Then 1 of 15
No edginess here. Miley's all sweetness on the red carpet with Vanessa Hudgens who made a name for herself in Disney's High School Musical.
Miley Cyrus — Now 2 of 15
This probably wasn't in Hannah Montana's closet. Since her Disney days she's experimented with everything from head shaving to swinging around on a wrecking ball.
Vanessa Hudgens — Now 3 of 15
The same extra long waves, but with a bit more sass. Hudgens dated fellow Disney alum Zac Efron for YEARS. She did her best playing-against-type by staring in the racy film Spring Breakers.
Hilary Duff — Then 4 of 15
A lankier Duff wearing two tank tops and pointy heels en route to an MTV appearance.
Hilary Duff — Now 5 of 15
The 27-year-old actress married hockey player Mike Comrie in August 2010, but they are currently separated. Son Luca was born in March 2012. But to some of us, she'll forever be Disney Channel's Lizzie McGuire.
Selena Gomez — Then 6 of 15
What a baby face! An adorable Gomez had more of a rocker image going in the early days.
Selena Gomez — Now 7 of 15
Since her time on Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place Gomez has successfully walked the line between sexy and girly. The 22-year-old may or may not be still dating Justin Bieber.
Demi Lovato — Then 8 of 15
When Lovato was 17 she dated Joe Jonas whom she also called her "best friend."
Demi Lovato — Now 9 of 15
Before she was a X Factor judge, the Camp Rock and Sunny With a Chance star reached #1 on Billboard Pop Songs chart with her hit dance pop single "Give Your Heart a Break."
Zac Efron — Then 10 of 15
From his Arroyo Grande school year book. Look at those teeth!
Zac Efron — Now 11 of 15
A staring role in High School Musical elevated Efron to teen idol status. He's continued to expand on that role, starring in films like Neighbors and That Awkward Moment.
Dyland and Cole Sprouse — Then 12 of 15
Dylan and Cole flash their famous smiles at a book signing during the The Suite Life of Zack and Cody years.
Dyland and Cole Sprouse — Now 13 of 15
The Sprouse twins headlined The Suite Life as preteens. Today the twins are undergrads at New York University.
Jonas Brothers — Then 14 of 15
Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas rose to popularity after Camp Rock back in 2008.
Jonas Brothers — Now 15 of 15
The brothers have since broken up as a band, they remain close but have decided to take on different personal endeavors.
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Images via Pacific Coast News; Sprouse brothers via Flickr

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