Doctor Who Descendant Sues Over TARDIS


tardisAfter Matt Smith’s Christmas day send off, it’s easy to forget that over the last 50 years of Doctor Who there has been one constant, unchanging, iconic fixture of the series. Companions come and go and the Doctor himself regenerates into different actors.

But the TARDIS stays the same. As ever, it’s bigger on the inside.

The concept of the Time and Relative Dimension in Space, TARDIS for short, that The Doctor travels in was created by Anthony Coburn in 1962 when he wrote the first episode of the series. His son, Stef, was 9 years old at the time.

Now, 50 years later, Stef Coburn is suing over the TARDIS.

Coburn claims that the informal permission his father gave the BBC to use his idea expired at his death in 1977 and since then the BBC should be paying his family each and every time they’ve used the TARDIS.

If only there were some way to travel back through time and make this right. I guess we’ll just have to let the courts decide!

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