Downton Abbey - The Musical {VIDEO}


Are you ready for it? Downton Abbey - The Musical!Entertainment Weekly is exclusively reporting that it has the answer to what all of the Downton Abbey super fans have been looking for. And by jove, it is just SO OBVIOUS. Clearly what we all need is Downton Abbey – The Musical.

Sadly this fantastic idea is just a parody at this point and not actually involved with our beloved British drama.

The idea came from comedic genius Colin Andrew Mochrie (many of you will know him from the original version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?).

Kevin Duda, one of the producers of the laugh out loud parody, told Entertainment Weekly, “The guys and I were all Downton Fans and while spitballing ideas, we said ‘Well Buffy & Grey‘s did a musical episode,’ and we thought of Julian Fellowes in a room with Shonda Rhimes and Joss Whedon trying to plan out the inevitable Downton Abbey Musical Episode in season 4.”

Kind of brilliant, right?

Thank God for tea…

Image Credit: PCN

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