This Doctor Who Version of "Let It Go" Will Make Your Day


I know, I KNOW. You are working really hard on letting this song go. But trust me on this, the Doctor Who version of “Let It Go” is worth your time. Called “The Ballad of Arthur Darvill,” the song will crack up fans of the show who know the actor as the character Rory from Doctor Who. In the song, he begs fans to stop thinking of him as just a character from the show. It may be the best spoof of this song I have heard!

But don’t think Arthur doesn’t appreciate his Doctor Who fans. In an interview earlier this year with The Official London Theatre, he shared: “I love how enthusiastic people can be about it. I think it’s wonderful. Doctor Who has done me some really huge favours and I’ll never knock it. People will still mention Doctor Who to me when I’m an old bearded man playing wizards,” he concludes, “which is obviously the ultimate aim.”

This song is all in good fun, and it’s clear Arthur is letting it go (and possibly discovering the lyrics) while he performs.

Dr. Who: Let it Go

Image Credit: PCN

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