Fancy Having a Ryan Gosling All of Your Own? Now You Can!



ryan bookWhat do you get the woman who has everything?

We all have a friend who has it all: New nail polish in hot summer orange? She’s already wearing it. Latest beauty product to hold back the years? She was using it last year. New York Times bestseller list? She’s read ’em all.

But I have the perfect gift for any Gosling fan. And frankly, who isn’t a Ryan Gosling fan? Have you seen the scene in Crazy Stupid Love where he takes off his shirt and Emma Stone exclaims, “Seriously? It’s like you’re Photoshopped!” Meanwhile, I’ve had a friend text me after watching The Notebook again (a married mother of two, I might add) – “I just want Noah in my life.” Quite. Gosling, he gets to us all…

So in celebration of his latest movie, Only God Forgives, being released, here is the ultimate Ryan gift: A book filled with pics of Ryan for us all to colour in.

This is one where you really will want to stay within the lines. Now if only they had a Brad Pitt one… (mind you, then I’d never get anything done).

Ladies, pencils at the ready!`



Photo credit : Amazon