First Look at Jobs Movie: Kutcher as Steve Jobs


Watch the trailer: the Jobs movieOn Friday the first trailer for what is simply known as Jobs was released on a website that, as of this writing, was nothing more than a landing page and a promise that a full site would be launching soon.

In the trailer for the Jobs movie we see Ashton Kutcher transformed as Steve Jobs. The first few seconds of the trailer I still held firmly to my reservations about whether or not Ashton could pull it off, but slowly I started to see it.

This film has had some budget problems, forcing a spring opening to now become a fall opening. I think the fall is a better time of year for this kind of film as it will be the perfect film for back to school.

One of my favorite elements that really shines in the trailer for the Jobs movie is the buddy story of Jobs and Woz. Steve Wozniak is portrayed by Josh Gad who was nominated for a Tony in 2011 for his performance in The Book of Mormon.

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think. Does Ashton do a good job portraying Steve Jobs?

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