Gavin Rossdale Cuts Pants Off to Make Shorts


97698PCN_Gavin19Gavin Rossdale is a practical, hands-on daddy. Here he is picking Zuma up from school in LA. What a guy.

We’ve been jealous of Gwen for years because Gavin appears to be the whole package: Good-looking, doting, tan, English, rock star.

But now I’m even more endeared to Gavin Rossdale because he totally cut off his jeans to make shorts. Those are homemade cut-offs FOR SURE. You can’t buy them this length. And you can’t buy them with such a smooth cut. That’s the smooth edge of a newly-sheared pair of jeans that hasn’t been washed yet.

They’ll fray beautifully after a few washings, Gavin.

It also seems likely, given the cut-off evidence, that Gavin Rossdale took a pair of scissors to that t-shirt as well. That’s a pretty deep side cut. I’m not sure if they sell them that way. The shirt has a plane on it that is dropping bombs and the bombs are guitars. How rad. One thing is for sure, those Nike shower shoes have not been modified at all.

Why spend money on shorts when you have a perfectly good pair of pants to cut off? I do it every year with my kids’ hand-me-down jeans. Way to make it work, Gavin!