Google Fiber Coming to Provo


google-fiber-logo-v1-174x251Last week Mayor John Curtis made an epic announcement to Provo, Utah residents. The announcement, hyped for weeks, remained leak-proof until late the night before the announcement. When we heard that we were getting Google Fiber, we rejoiced!

People had been speculating on Facebook and Twitter. There were guesses as to what could happen in Provo that would deserve “epic” status. Some popular guesses were: Trader Joes, Disneyland Provo, or a new Red Lobster! (We’re simple folks.)

Stop thinking about cheese biscuits.

As it turns out, Google Fiber is pretty epic. Provo is one of only 3 cities nationwide to get Google Fiber.  Google will take over a defunct (but visionary) #fiberopticfail that Provo tried to implement years ago. It’s good for Google. It’s good for Provo. And the mayor is saying a big, “Wha-shooo!”

I met with some choice Googlers (that’s what they call themselves) at a dinner last week. Why Provo? Because Provo is ranked top 10 for places to live, positive attitude, health, happy families, and more. Google is counting on ubiquitous broadband access to drive creative innovation. They are also interested in setting up 25 schools and libraries with a fast gigabit service.

“We want to see what will happen,” they said. Me too.

What would you do with a gig?

Provo residents should be hooked up with free basic internet for 7 years for a 1-time $30 charge by this Fall with the option to upgrade to affordable insanely-fast internet. What would I do? Well, you’ll see.

Imagine, if you will, a slide show with a million slides! Dreams come true, friend.

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